Friday, May 31, 2013

Speaker Mike Madigan Tried, But Goofs Outnumber People in Springfield

The best revenge is to be unlike him who performed the injury.
Marcus Aurelius 
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Mike Madigan had the best plan to save Illinois from fiscal doom with Senate Bill 1.  It was defeated by the Illinois Senate. My State Senator Bill Cunnigham voted NO on this bill.  The Illinois Senate passed the Gay Marriage boondoggle.  My State Senator voted for Gay Marriage and the war on religious conviction.  Bill Cunningham is a goof.  The goofs outnumber serious people in Springfield.  Bill Cunningham again voted with the herd of goofs against his constituents. There are only  few hours left in this legislative session.

Gay Marriage is stalled by the House vote. My Rep. Fran Hurley has indicated that she will in fact for for Gay Marraige and the Illinois War on religious conviction.  It seems that Fran is a goof.  I always found Fran Hurley to be nice.  There are nice goofs. Goofs will do what others prod them to do - Like Billy Cunningham.

Speaker Madigan is anything but a goof.  He is the only adult in Springfield.

The Gay Marriage and Illinois War on Religious Conviction Bill is stalled in the Illinois House.

I wonder what Speaker Madigan* will do.

* From a Towering Goof- "If Mike Madigan doesn't get his house to pass this bill this session, we're going to lay it right at his doorstep," said Andy Thayer, Gay Liberation Network.

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