Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hollywood Pretty Quiet About Obama's Scandal Troika

A couple of years ago Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. had Hollywood all a-giggle. In fact, Hollywood, the folks who churn out special effects and computer animations around such glib and witty dialog as this -

Dr. King Schultz: How do you like the bounty hunting business?
Django: Kill white people and get paid for it? What's not to like?

(Dang!  I wish I could have heard William Powell answer that one to George Sanders)

- tends to pepper the air waves with political commentary from its cavalcade of stars on everything from Fracking to Fluke-ers.

In the last nine months, the American atmosphere has swelled pregnant with misdirection, misdeeds, misspeechifying, mission failure and mismanagement on the part of the Bride of Hollywood - the Obama White House.  Benghazi, the IRS war on Grannies and Minutemen Re-enactors, and the Snoop-dogging of the AP and FOX reporters are crowning full-term and kicking and kindly Old Doc Gosnell is in the joint- full term.  There seems to be no aborting Obama's three headed baby all set to walk to the bus and drive over his players.

Naturally, contracted celebrity gasbags on HBO, MSNBC and Comedy Central are doing all that is possible to snip the chord on this roaring distraction, but where are Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Ingmar Johanssen, Rob Reiner, Tom Hanks, Will and Jada Smith and the ace dowager Susan Sarandon? How about the B-list egos?  Perez Hilton, John Cusack, Cheryl Crow and the other goofs who pen unfiltered but un-original thoughts for Huffington Post?
Where's the Velvet Mafia?  The first Gay President is in the jackpot.

The Obama Scandal Troika is coming full term. Pretty gloomy with no George Clooney.

Interesting this silence. Moreso, Hollywood is treating its President like he did with those four folks in Benghazi last September.

Then, again.  Hollywood does not answer a phone call - it gets screened.

Scarlet Johansen!  Not Ingmar. 

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