Wednesday, May 15, 2013

President Barack H. Corvair- "There is no there, there."

"The unambitious sluggard pretends that the eminence is not worth attaining, declines altogether the struggle, and calls himself a philosopher." Barry Lyndon - William Makepeace Thackeray

"There's no there there," Obama said. "The fact that this keeps on getting churned up, frankly, has a whole lot to do with political motivations."
Obama continued, "We dishonor [the attack's victims] when we turn things like this into a political circus,"
That statement is indicative and largely sums up the Presidents two terms: not particularly smart and not particularly . . .nice.  We? The President who constantly harps about faceless plutocrats abandoning poor people, the middle class, Granny, and our good friends of Islam to the ravages of storm, strife and self-reliance had no problem leaving four dead Americans in Benghazi.
Last week,  President Obama responded to the September 11th Benghazi Crisis as having no 'There, there."  There is.  This week has been wake up call - Dr. Kermit Gosnell is guilty and going away for the balance of his arrogant life;   the sleepy news media woke up to cynical and callous abandonment of American lives and honor in Libya, the IRS made war on citizens on President Obama's watch and Eric Holder is taking the exit on the AP spying scandal.

Smiling hipsters of Brand Obama have revealed themselves to be some pretty lousy people and those are only the Judas Goats staked out in public at the moment - Valerie Jarrett, Samantha Power and others of their ilk are pulling a Garbo.

President Obama is going to wear the jacket on his clueless two terms in office and it will not be one from Hart, Shaffner and Marx.

President Obama is very slowly being found out to be not a particularly smart man, but more importantly not a particularly nice man and that is too bad.  He is inadequate to the job, but that did not matter to the aspirational prophets of Yes We Can! Now! Immediately!  Can't Wait, or You Hate!  Brand Obama is a 1961 Corvair ( the year of the President's birth). The Corvair - fun to drive and fun to watch it crash.

Harry Truman was a flesh and blood human being.  Barack Obama is a concept.

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