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Asian Women and White Irish Males - A Sensitive Consideration

(above beauty) "EeeeeewUUUUUUUUUU!!!! OMG This Old Irish Gwailo is totally staring right through me!" says Hot Asian Babe

Is it all about the eyes?  Round-eyed white males -qwailo, or 'ghost people' -are said to stare through every Oriental woman within staring distance.  That is something, I must get to the meat of ASAP.  I try to treat all people with equal dignity and sensitive regard.  My Uncle Bart ( a Korean War Veteran) taught me at a very early age to be sensitive in the regard  of others -"Patsheen, you gotta remember that a crowded elevator smells very different to the midget on board, no matter where he's standing. . . . chew on that for a while."

Post Honeymoon Sino-Celt Cuisine 2013 (above) - once the bond is formed.

I recently learned that a FeminAsian activist/documentarian  wants the world to know that Gwailo males are said to be disturbingly enralled with the Women of the Orient.  Cute is cute, I would counter, but I thought to pursue the issue.

A new documentary, which airs tonight ( May 6, 2013)on PBS, explores the psychology behind yellow fever - the phenomenon that sees white men attracted to, and sometimes even obsessed with, Asian women.Filmed and directed by Debbie Lum, a fourth-generation Chinese-American from St Louis, Missouri, Seeking Asian Female looks to discover why many men see Asians as ideal wives, a concept that is 'very painful for the Asian-American community,' Ms Lum told ABC News.According to the filmmaker, there is an overriding perception that women of that particular race are more docile and make for obedient life partners, a stereotype that is offensive and often untrue.

The lovely Ms. Lum, descanted with Foucaultian charm - 'Every Asian-American woman knows exactly what I am talking about,' she said. 'Men come up to you in a way that really looks like a stare, which lasts a bit longer than it should. 'You can feel it,' she continued. 'It's like they are looking through you.'
Well, Deng! Talk about painting with a broad brush.  Ms. Lum, just beca,use a round eyed geezer is giving a bit of Eastern Dim Sum the long appraisal, does not necessarily mean that like Jimmy Carter, one has lust in the heart.   At our age, it takes twenty minutes to read the plastic wrapped menu at Denny's.

I ran into an acquaintance who in his late middle aged shopped for an Oriental bride - one Declan "Banjo" Larkin.  A trans-continental Tristan and Isolde union was formed between Larkin and his mail-order bride Crystal. Banjo is retired City of Chicago Water Department digger.  The man can dig; hence the sobriquette of Banjo, a euphemism for the shovel. 

Banjo Larkin Mount Carmel 1967 "Hickey, 
When is it time to go to the Chinese dentist? "

Me- " Hmmm, I dunno."

Banjo Larkin -"Tooth-hurty.. . .get it?"

Me - "No, please repeat it"

Banjo Larkin - "Hickey, 
When is it time to go to the Chinese dentist?  . . .(repeated -ad infinitum)"

Me- "Banjo, How's the Bride?"

Banjo- " A Pearl, Hickey.  A Pearl of the Orient!"

I imagined Larkin Manor. . .

Mr. & Mrs, Banjo Larkin of Alsip, Illinois, At home:

Mrs. Banjo-  " Bajo, Is Gon Rain?"
Banjo - "Fuggs My Tay?"
Mrs. Banjo -" Arun Stow. Gedgey Yu-sef.! . . . .(in diminishing sotto voce in native tongue)   AI YA! NI SHI ( trans: you are aDAI ZI!   Gwailo mudah fudah! "

I read a study from the London School of Economics that concluded:

“We found no evidence of the stereotype of a white male preference for East Asian women. However, we also found that East Asian women did not discriminate against white men (only against black and Hispanic men). As a result, the white man-Asian woman pairing was the most common form of interracial dating—but because of the women's neutrality, not the men's pronounced preference. Men don't seem to discriminate based on race when it comes to dating. A woman's race had no effect on the men's choices.” 

Quod Erat Demonstrandum!

I love women.  They tolerate us . . .for the most part.  One even married me.  I am now a widower.  When my beloved wife Mary was fighting for her life, well meaning persons of limited thought often asked her " How'd get a brain tumor?" 

 The ready redhead would rejoin, " I married him."

I dated fewer women* than I recall, I suppose.  Let's see, I am now 60 and change and began to notice the allure of women at age (10 let us say).

  • Irish American - Eileen (3), Noreen (2), Terry(1) ,  Mary (1), Mary Kate (1), Kathleen (1), Sally (1). Patty (1) - Norine was salt water Irish.
  • French American (Kankakee County only) - Michelle (2), Paula (2), Barbara (2)
  • Italian American - Cristine ( 2), Lynn (1), Marylynne (3)
  • Polish American - Cindy (1), Anna (2), Alina (1)
  • German American - Betty (1), Debbie (1)
  • Jewish American - Bunny ( 1), Deborah (1)
  • Beer-Goggle Skank American (undeterminate number and unspeakable self-loathing if exact)
  • African American - Pam ( 1/2) her dad ran me off with plumber's wrench - circa 1972.
That's it.

Now, as to Les belles femmes sexy et désireux de l'Orient???? Never had the pleasure of a comely maid of the Heatrhen Chinee.  I'd take a hard run at Nancy Kwan ( or the babe above) six days to Sundays:  forward and in reverse.  " My secret!"

* Numbers may skew as to the recollections of women and level of enjoyment or personal revulsion measured on the assignation(s). 

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