Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Nice Try, Mr. Zorn, but Kermit Gosnell is Abortion in America.

 Eric Zorn - If You are evolved, you gotta go along with him . . .or else.
Gosnell, 72, is charged with running what amounted to a squalid abattoir where he performed late-term abortions and severed the spines or otherwise killed outside the womb fetuses who showed signs of being able to survive.
He’s charged with first-degree murder in four such alleged incidents and with third-degree murder in the death of a patient who allegedly received a fatal overdose of anesthesia from Gosnell’s poorly trained staff.
I don’t mean to minimize the disturbing nature of these incidents and other stories out of Gosnell’s clinic that are not part of the remaining charges against him.But Gosnell is not the face of abortion in America, as opponents of abortion rights are suggesting. He is the face of illegal abortion in America. Eric Zorn, Planned Parenthood Shill and Chicago Tribune Vox de Abortus

The Chicago Tribune is and has been in bed with the abortion industry for quite some time.  Abortion is the litmus test for the evolved - Sexual revolutionaries,  Feminist hair-splitters, PETA hand wringers, Environmentalist Earth Firsters,  Marijuana activists, Gaza activists, Anti-America Exceptionalists, Public Education Bolivarists (Klonsky et al), Marriage Deconstructionist and Government apologists.

If one is okay with abortion, one is evolved and all the other non-sense doctrines make perfect sense.

People who lose sleep over the bugs that, might, just might, be depressed by the Keystone Pipeline are perfectly at home with Dr. Kermit Gosnell's butcher shop and only upset that the monster outed abortion for what it is - wholesale murder of the innocent for profit.

Eric Zorn is fully evolved and today let fly his dart of affection for the nature of Dr. Gosnell's labors, but not his methods.  He says that Dr. Kermit Gosnell is a face of illegal abortion.

Abortion is perfectly legal, Eric, wholesome, well funded, politically le plus appropri√©.  Dr. Gosnell operated, not in the shadowy alleys, but in the full light of day on the corner.

I imagine that Illinois Personal PAC's Boss Terry Cosgrove has been packing the e-mail and twitter accounts of Change of Subject and perhaps proferred a noon snack at one of Chicago's Clubs, or A-list eateries to discuss the impact of Gosnell on contributions and the political effect his knife work might have on the Gay Marriage vote.  Gay Marriage and Abortion are twin civil rights memes demanding the evolved to get in line and the unevolved punished.

Yep, Personal PAC invested in new Senators and State Reps. in Illinois on the condition that they vote for Gay Marriage.  My Senator, from a district that is not exactly Boystown (19th Ward & Worth Township in largely traditional Catholic and breeders) voted the Greg Harris Anti-Marriage Law up the chute.

My Representative, Fran Hurley, has take Personal PAC's coin and will obey Boss Cosgrove, just as Gov. Pat Quinn has made a career of doing so.  Personal PAC funds Greg Harris, as well as the usual plastic Evolutionaries like Barbara Flynn Currie, and so many other people in government who created Our Illinois.
Abortion funds the Progressive.

Abortion is murder for profit, Eric. You can call abortion Womans' Reproductive Choice Health Care, or a swell 5lb Whitman's Sampler for Dowagers, but euphemisms do nothing to sponge up the blood children, much less a selfish and thoughtless side of history that would make Stalin and Hitler blush with envy.

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