Just Folks!  Where in the Hell is Sugar Rautbord on this Broad Coalition?  I mean, Jesus!
Yep, you could stop in any VFW, Knights of Columbus, Loyal Order of Moose, Elks, Odd Fellows, Good Sams, or Custer Park baitshop and find any one of the above listed folks asking the big question - " How can I get in your wallet, change dish, or under your coach, my friend, Ralph Martire  has not mapped the course for getting what's left of your trump." Yesterday the Chicago Tribune editorial board, a broad coalition of group thinkers, bellowed out this CHANGE Illinois and Strip Speaker Mike Madigan of His Tighty Whities, Garters and Calf-length dress socks and turn the future over to the University of Chicago, Mayer Brown,LLP, The Woods Fund and Andy "MICROPHONE!" Shaw of BGA.  In short,  take the Constitutional onus of remapping voting districts from elected officials and give it to people have the help open their doors, as they trot off to next boondoggle, or fund-raiser for hair-lipped Pomeranians.
Illinoisans aren't blind to this once-a-decade power grab. A 2012 poll by the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute found a whopping 70 percent of registered voters think the job should be taken away from the General Assembly and assigned to an independent commission. The institutes's David Yepsen says it would be "the single most important ethical reform Illinois could undertake."
So why hasn't it happened? Because lawmakers like things the way they are. They've ignored pleas to reform the system themselves and sabotaged efforts by others to do so. The redistricting pen is clenched firmly in the iron fist of House Speaker Mike Madigan, who heads the majority Democratic Party, and Senate President John Cullerton.
Citizens of Illinois: You are going to have to wrestle it away.
The Tribune has long ago staked out Speaker Madigan as the Judas Goat, Simon Legree, Colman Younger, arch-Bad Guy Blue Meanie of Illinois, when in fact Speaker Madigan is about the only person working on the teat who knows what the hell he is doing and stands as the only adult in Springfield.

That's Ralph, when still had a few nickels
Speaker Madigan is not every one's cup of Earl Grey, but he sure as hell is not to blame for our economic and entitlement jackpot.  Ralph Martire, under the protection of the late Dawn Clark Netsch, pie-charted Illinois tax-payers into this bog with the approval of every Editorial Board with 1.09 GPA. . . .not mention every scam hatched at U of C or Go you Northwestern!

The Medill Racketeers who pen editorials LOVE Lisa Madigan and want every tattooed biped wearing ear, nose, tongue and cheek jewelry with a New York Times home subscription to thing vile things about the Illinois Speaker of House - Lisa's Old Man.
Mike Madigan has spent his career in Springfield herding egomaniacal retards from both parties, while attempting to get something done despite the cowardly, craven or just plain Special Ed Alumni occupying the Illinois Executive Branch.
Mike Madigan takes the heat for the media bullied policies of the advocacy, mandate and agenda pirates allowed into public life.  The Chicago Tribune Editorial Board is far from alone in this hapless labor.
A Public Radio propaganda blast by WUIS 919 FM(no doubt) parsed this beauty concerning the new CHANGE Illinois Remappers, 

“They would not be allowed to have worked for the state.. . .”  Damn helots, louts, wage earning tax-payers work for the State.  How about this?" . . .Nor should they have ever been associated with any Advocacy Group, foundation, PAC, University Think Tank, or the BGA, or any pressure coalitions who have ‘policy’d through legislation Illinois’ current economic, mandate and entitlement jackpot."  That's from me not WUIS 919 FM(no doubt)Other than that this might work. . .and then again pumping billions of more tax dollars into CPS will really get those kids ready for life . . .doncha think?