Tuesday, May 07, 2013

In Obama's Policy Jungle, Follow the Kookie Krumbs - Samantha Power to Susan Rice to Valerie Jarrett to Hillary Clinton to . . .

The Benghazi tragedy is treated by the political media, the DNC and most especially Brand Obama's White House like a smashed up box of Maurice Lenell cookies that only would be used if high end Rich biscuits could make all the difference in the world.

Yes, sir. Some might scoff at this Chicago product as food for the helots ( it is) in the same tones one hears from WTTW/PBS/NPR zealots snort when they hear Fox anything.  I learned long ago, from Chicago saloon keeper and political genius Boz O'Brien, the meaning of value - " Boz, what's the difference between a vase( Vahhhhzzzz) and a vase( Vayce)?"

Mr. O'Brien patiently and spontaneously answered, " Forty Dollars."  In our brand conscious folly we value nothing.  Hell, we help murder infants through our taxes - outliers or not.

 Maurice Lenell cookies were made on north Harlem Ave. and for 70 years a family of Swedes cranked out pinwheels, sugar cookies, tea biscuits and those vanilla bits with the prehistoric cherry in the middle.  Granny Nora Hickey , of Cahirciveen, County Kerry opted for Maurice Lenell "bickies" for her tea table in the kitchen at 7535 S. Marshfield.  Those cookies crumbled up a storm.

Back in the day, Maurice Lenell's came in tin boxes in stacks on paper doilies.  They looked classy and working people could afford them.  As our society became more disposable-friendly after Roe v. Wade, paper and flimsy plastic replaced the tin.  Those cookies crumbled quicker, often in the over-stuffed Jewel bag squeezed between cantaloupes and 48 oz. cans of Dinty Moore.

Crumbled cookies put swells off and by the Obama First Term Maurice Lenell was swallowed whole by some food group.  Now, Obama's youthful demographic eat cookie dough.  Oh, yeah, Benghazi.

Sept. 11th 2012,  the Obama Kooky Middle East narrative crafted by Samantha Power at the command of Valerie Jarrett crumbled like tea cookies.  Power and Jarrett are exempts, as singularly a Chicago product as Maurice Lenell's baked goods. Exempt hires are answerable only to person who hired them.  They are salaried. . .very salaried . . .employees who are exempt from the standard application processes and the job requirements most of the rest of us must meet.

What in Valerie Jarrett's public resume makes her vital to national executive capacity whatsoever? Valerie Jarrett hand-picked some the Obama Administrations daffier prodigies: Desiree Rogers, Van Jones, Arne Duncan, Anita Dunn and the girl-friend of Cass Sunstein Samantha Power.

Samantha Power is architect of the Obama Middle East Policy - from the bow tour, the Cairo speech, the Arab Spring, the ascent of the Muslim Brotherhood, the back-door treatment of Israel -as in, " Hey, Hymies, hit the back door!"

Now, just hours before the start of another hearing on Benghazi, Eric Holder's FBI found some Minnesota cracker by the name of Buford to divert attention from the collapse of Brand Obama. Perhaps, I just a tad cynical.  Maybe this has nothing to do with Libya; rather, it is make-up dibs to David Sirota of Salon, who begged for Boston's terrorists to be fans of NASCAR, or Knights of Columbus.  Brand Obama is banged up good, Eric.  Nice that your boys grabbed Buford, though.

Brand Obama is packaged in flimsy plastic and the Kookies have crumbled.  Even the fawning Democratic Establishment (wonky  money-dogs, media purse puppies) are baring their fangs:

For some time, the left of the MSM has been attacking the White House over issues like drones and Guantanamo, but now much heavier fire is coming from the center. The Washington Post ran an opinion piece by Thomas Carothers and Nathan J. Brown arguing that the administration’s Egypt policy has been overtaken by events. And both Dexter Filkins in the New Yorker and Bill Keller in the New York Times have gone after the administration for dithering on Syria, especially in light of the mounting evidence that Assad has crossed the administration’s “red lines” on the use of chemical weapons. These are heavy hitters; throw in the David Sanger co-authoredNYT weekender saying that the whole “red line” controversy in Syria was caused by a major presidential gaffe, and some of the biggest dogs in town are saying some very harsh things about presidential competence and judgment.If we were sitting in the White House right now, we would be worried that the Benghazi hearings scheduled for later this week could be an important tipping point, accelerating the MSM turn away from a lame duck president whose Middle East policies, to put it mildly, face some unresolved issues.
President Obama faces a tough mix of domestic and foreign challenges in the Middle East. Abroad, the situation in Syria has steadily worsened while the Egyptian revolution he championed looks less attractive every day. The mullahs in Iran have not shown many signs that they fear his wrath, suggesting that a peaceful resolution of the nuclear issue is not in the cards.

The Congressional hearings on Benghazi beginning tomorrow should sweep up some of the Kookie Krumbs littering America's standing in the world. We should see the penmanship of Samantha Power all over this mess, under the commands of Valerie Jarrett.

Democrats will circle the silent butlers around the neck of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who sat down hard the Benghazi cookie tray and collect the Kookie Krumbs. Hillary Clinton will be the subject of national and world ridicule, until she serves up Jarrett, Samantha Power and President Obama.

Unless the GOP again screws up the hearings as royally as they have in the past ( Fast & Furious/Benghazi),
I believe that the two White House exempts and their Chinaman the President will wear the jacket of political
larceny all covered up with and by the crumbs of these dilettante egoists.

The need now, among Democrats, over the next fews months will be to convince the American voter that George W. Bush selected Barack H. Obama to run for the Illinois Senate, US Senate and America's Chief Executive.  Hillary Clinton, once the crumbs have been brushed, will help do just that. That's how this cookie crumbles.

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