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I Gotta Go Along with Congressman Bobby Rush -Sen. Marque Kirque is an “upper-middle-class, elitist white boy"

Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Ill.) is highly critical of a proposal by Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) for mass arrests of 18,000 Gangster Disciples, telling the Sun-Times on Wednesday that Kirk’s approach is “headline grabbing” and an “upper-middle-class, elitist white boy solution to a problem he knows nothing about.”
One of Kirk’s top priorities is targeting gangs; he has been meeting with law enforcement officials to devise a plan to execute the mass arrests.

Bobby Rush kicked Barack Obama's delicate rump in the race for the Congressional seat still warmed by the Old Black Panther. In the 2000 Democratic primary called out the aspirational and future transcendental mythopoeic Chief Executive who throws a football like Debbie Wasserman-Schultz enunciates, "Barack Obama went to Harvard and became an educated fool. Barack is a person who read about the civil-rights protests and thinks he knows all about it."

Bobby all but called the then Woods Fund Executive emeritus and Illinois State Senator Barack Obama a 'white boy.'   Black columnists of the Chicago Tribune and Sun Times did as much arguing that the jejune Fresh Princeling was no where near 'black enough' to serve the 1st Congressional District. Obama carried the white vote.

I attended the Snow Flake Ball at the Evergreen Plaza prior to the primary and watched Congressman Bobby Rush work the crowd with cheers and beers that would have made Paddy Bauler spring for back-ups. If IL Sen. Obama was present, he must have had a permanent perch behind a balcony pillar down by Carson's.  I voted for Barack Obama to slim avail.

Bobby Rush is established in black Chicago.   He did not get the pencil-neck white vote out of Hyde Park, nor the ham-sized fists of Morgan Park, Mount Greenwood, nor the political elites of Beverly.  Barack Obama has had those votes since 2000 - largely. 

Bobby Rush knows an upper class, suburban elitist white boy when he sees one, as do the ham-fisted cops, firemen, skilled tradesmen and tough committed white teachers and nurses of Morgan Park, Mount Greenwood and Evergreen Park. Sometime after the 2000 primary can of whup-ass was opened on IL Sen. Obama, the Congressional maps were re-drawn and Blue Collar Morgan Park, Mount Greenwood, Evergreen Park, Oak Lawn and etc. were represented in the 3rd Congressional District by Congressman Dan Lipinski.  Beverly west of and north of 97th & Prospect, well.  The political elites are in Dan Lipinski's Congressional District. 

Senator Marque Kirque* is a Republican from the mos def-elite suburb of Highland Park.  He is a U.S. Senate creation of the Roland Burris/Rod Blagojevich Balls Up and the kvetrching and compromise of Federal G-Man Paddy Fitzgerald,  Senator Dick Durbin, former Lt. Gov. Quinn, the old Tom Hynes machine against poor old Alexi Giannoulis - the Greek Obama.

In short, Marque Kirque is more of a Progressive Democrat than  Bobby Rush, because Bobby Rush is actually a working man and I respect that.

That should be enough context and geneology.

Here's the deal, Marque Kirque and Dithering Dick Durbin are senatorial Siamese twins - both fatuous and oily.  Together they came up with a plan for Fitzy's replacement to swoop into the Hood, in its many manifestations with armed ( Homeland Security Mall Cops n'cest pas?) forces and snatch the GDs, The Stones ( aren't they allied to Operation Push?), the Four Corner Hustlers, Mikey Cobras, Vice Lords, Latin Kings and the Hostess Twinkies from our mean streets . . . and do exactly what with them? Send them to Gitmo?  Maybe Dick Durbin and Pat Quinn's Thompson Illinois Pet Farm?  Remember? That was where Dithering Dick wanted to send the Gitmo Guests of the Nation.  Still vacant. Just like Dick.

Bobby Rush knows that this plan is just, well, . . .bone stupid.  Consider the source, Congressman.

Marque Kirque has a great resume and the moral compass of a Hollywood agent. Moreso, Marque Kirque would not know a greasy bag of listeners from a flat jug of bumpy-face, leta lone a porch full of GDs from a Lake Forest LGBTQ Cub Scout Troop.

Congressman Rush will want to have Federal Programs pump millions into the 1st Congressional District to Save the Children, pay Ceasefire, wet the beak of Hal Baskin and other GD retirees.

I say, save our money.

The way to have a safe Chicago streets is easy.

  • Have a universal moratorium on any and all Lawsuit Lotto Lawyer ( Peoples Law, MacArthur Center for Making Thugs Rich and Destroy Criminal Justice) or G. Flint Taylor Jon Loevy grifts and gambits
  • Return the authority to police Chicago to the Chicago Police Department
  • Make thugs pay and not pay the thugs
  • Hold judges accountable for multiple felony thugs getting 'benefit of the doubt.'
  • Require the Chicago print media to balance heart tugging Yummy Sandifer Sagas with the little Prique's rap-sheet
  • Call bullshit on Stats, Studies and Programs that only handcuff the cops and hand felons ammunition
But that's just me.

I can't stand upper-class, elitist white boys either, Congressmen - be they white, black, brown or pink.  I respect the fact that Congressman Bobby Rush (D-1st District) works to not only hold his congressional seat, but actually bring home Federal bacon to the District.  Bobby Rush is a working man.

Marque Kirque is an upper-class, elitist white boy.


Tenure [edit]

Kirk was sworn-in on November 29, 2010 as the junior Senator from Illinois.[38] On December 18, 2010, Kirk voted in favor of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal Act of 2010.[39] He was one of only two Republicans to oppose legislation to detain American citizens indefinitely.[40] Kirk sits at the Senate's coveted Candy Desk.[41]

Infrastructure advocacy [edit]

In his first year in the Senate, Kirk worked along with U.S. Sen Dick Durbin (D-IL) to help mediate a dispute between airlines servingO'Hare International Airport and the City of Chicago in order to Keep the O'Hare Modernization project on Schedule.[42] It is estimated the project would create 200,000 jobs and add $18 billion to the regional economy when completed.[43]
Kirk and Durbin also worked together to bring $186 million in federal funds to support improved rail service from Chicago to St. Louis. The money was originally rejected by the state of Florida but reallocated to Illinois.[44]
Kirk authored legislation, entitled the Lincoln Legacy Infrastructure Development Act, that sought to eliminate barriers and encourage private investment in roads, transit, airport and rail.[45] Several of the provisions in the legislation would later become law under the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (P.L. 112-114), including provisions to eliminate barriers to public-private partnerships for public transportation projects and a boost for the Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (TIFA) program.[46]

Illinois debt crisis [edit]

Kirk appointed a sovereign debt advisory board to help research the unfunded obligations and unpaid bills contributing to Illinois' debt crisis. He later produced a Report on Illinois Debt highlighting the unsustainable debt the state continued to hold and the need for pension reform.[47] Kirk introduced legislation entitled No State Bailouts, S. Res. 188, along with 14 other US Senators, which would ban federal bailouts of financially struggling states. Illinois State Treasurer Dan Rutherford endorsed the legislation.[48]

Anti-corruption work [edit]

Kirk and Representative Robert Dold (R-IL-10) introduced bipartisan legislation to expand qualifications for ending federal pension payouts to elected officials convicted of corruption. The bicameral provision expanded current law to include an additional 22 crimes, and the bill was included in the STOCK Act signed by the President in April 2012.[49]

Same-sex marriage [edit]

On April 2, 2013, Kirk became the second sitting Republican senator to support same-sex marriage.[50]

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