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Marriage Won a Close One in Illinois This Week.

illinois gay marriage house vote
Harris (left) is comforted by state Rep. Kelly Cassidy, a fellow Chicago Democrat, as he announces he would not call the marriage bill for a vote.Harris' speech was met with a standing ovation, as was another speech by state Rep. Deb Mell, who discussed her marriage to wife Christin Baker. Harris, Cassidy and Mell are three of four openly LGBT members of the Illinois House.

Do I want every person in Illinois to have a happy life?  Why, yes I do.  Do I expect every person in Illinois and points beyond to behave, thinks and aspire exactly as I do?  Good God, no.

I am relieved that I have the right to step out of bed once again on what some people call the 'the wrong side of history.'  I am relieved and very surprised that Greg Harris could not come up with any where near the votes to redefine marriage in Illinois and set the table for lawsuits against my Church and many, many other faiths.  With scads of money and every editorial board in his vest pocket, Illinois Rep. Greg Harris, the LGBT Robespierre of the Illinois Religious Liberty and Marraige Equality Bill (SB 10).  Greg Harris catalogs the power political muscle and money behind this bill which failed to get the votes and turns to Lincoln as hammer.  Rep. Deb Mell catalogs her personal trail of tears and her great marriage as soccer moms, cooks and partners.

Greg Harris helped lead this effort through the Illinois Senate on Valentine's Day and it looked as if the House would fall to the narrative about happiness, civil rights, Stonewall is Selma, Catholics are haters and 'the right side of history'  - "a claim deployed in political debate to delegitimate one’s opponents." Custer told the Sioux that they were 'on the wrong side of history' at the Washita River in 1868.  The Sioux told Custer the same at the Little Big Horn River in 1876 with real gusto. This conversation continued until Wounded Knee in 1890.   History does not have a side, it has only sidelines packed with advocates who dress up in lab coats, take polls and random samplings of like-minded folks and pretend that science proves truth.

Political science is actually a form alchemy - scholars seeking to turn lead into gold or sex into love.  Sex, as I understand it, is a wonderfully pleasant after-effect of the inclination to perpetuate the species.  Sex is no more love than nails and wood are carpentry - Sandra Fluke notwithstanding.

In the case of Gay Marriage the alchemy demands that LGBT be thought of as 'strange fruit'

While African Americans swung in the breeze, Jane Addams accepted a Nobel Prize.  A black legislator mentioned this insulting simile of Gay is Black on So Many Levels and was immediately and wildly ridiculed on the Illinois Progressive lobbyists blog.

Love and happiness very often work in tandem, but not always.  Some people who love very, very, very deeply can be the most unhappy of God's creatures.  Happiness is happiness is hard to get. Ask Anna Karenina, or Jennifer Anniston, or Anthony Weiner.

Marriage is between a male and female and they different for very good reasons.  A male and male can have sex until Bill Moyers makes sense, but they will not procreate.  A male and female who marry may very well have sex once and produce a child of either gender inclined toward same (homo) sex and remain a very happy and loving family.  A male and female may breed outside of marriage and populate the earth with unloved and neglected males and females. A male and a male may bond in a civil union and adopt a child and love one another, but that is not a marriage any more than an abortion is a health initiative.

I do not know how my Representative (Fran Hurley) would have voted, but I do know that my State Senator (Billy Cunningham) voted for this law.  I will continue to send notes reminding Rep. Hurley that I strongly object to this artificial, dodgy and dangerous legislation.  Cunningham does not care about my vote. I object to SB 10 in the strongest possible terms and I refuse to defined by those who push its passage.

Greg Harris will continue lead the LGBT revolution in Illinois - he's paid to do that.  Let's see what history will eventually be written - a law in Illinois that makes war on marriage and religion, or not.

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