Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Senator Marque Kirque and Rep. Bobby Rush Share a Rest at Ogden Park

Despite different views on how to battle murderous gang violence in Chicago, Kirk, a Republican who lives near Highland Park and Rep. Bobby Rush, a Democrat from Calumet near 35th in the city, agreed Tuesday to work together after meeting for about an hour in Kirk’s suite in the Hart Senate Office Building. . . .Rush said Kirk “and I have agreed to not only work together, he said he will visit Englewood and other communities there. I am looking forward to him listening to young people.” Lynn Sweet

Weeks from now, when Chicago's roiling heat brings feet to the window sills for urban AC, after a stroll through Bobby Rush's 1st Congressional District, I see the pair stretching out on the cool grass at Ogden Park, over by Racine, for much needed rest.

MK - "Bobby. . . ?"

BR - "Yes, Marque Honey . . .you're tired, now, rest up."

MK-" Thank you ever so much for this stroll through the 1st District.  I now really get the African American Experience."

BR - "MmmmmHmmm. Maybe you can have me up in Highland Park"

MK  - " Uh, I'd like to, but I think you'd be uncomfortable . . .people can be so . . .harsh.  Even really comfortable and smug people who watch WTTW. Uh, .........Bobby . . . ?"

BR -" MmmmHmm."

MK- "That lady at Lloyd's Lounge said, 'what I needed was a good bag of Listeners.  What's Listeners, Bobby?  An Audience?"

BR- " No Honey, they's fried pigs ears."

MK-" Gross!  Bobby?"

BR - "MmmmHmmm"

MK - " That lady said I should suck on some Bumpy Face. Is that like Ghetto Kissing?"

BR - "'S'matter You Boy?  Bumpy Face ! Seagrams Gin, Son."

MK - " Should I suck on some Bumpy Face?"

BR - " Lookee here, you can go suck on anything you want, but I AM out of here;  Can't get no kind of sleep with your cryin' -ass white boy Sheeeeeet!  Man up, son!"

MK - "Oh, keep your Old Ghetto!

BR - " No boy!  Take it with you!  They's a bus stop right on Racine."

MK - "  You're nothing but black Redneck!. . . . .Are there GD's ?"

BR - " Ask for the BDKs, . . .better yet, Ask How to get out of The Angawoods . . .that should help."

MK - " Well, I am going! "

BR - " Make sure you got change . . .White Boy! Ain't no MastahCard on the CTA!"

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