Sunday, June 23, 2013

Leo Advisory Board Member Listed Among Top Hottest Political Persons - It is not Jack Fitzgerald, or Mike Holmes

America's Hottest and America's Holiest in 2011

LOS ANGELES, June 21, 2013 — Bring on the women! Summer is upon us, which means it is time for the 2013 list of the Top 30 Hottest Political Women.Brains and power are intoxicating, and can be quite lethal when beauty is added to the mix. . . .Some deserving women were left off of the list solely to give others a chance. Also, the woman must in some way be publicly active politically, or they lose eligibility.

Listed at # 8 is Tamara Holder, Chicago Expungement Attorney, Fox Television Legal Analyst and Leo High School's only female Board Member.

Not listed as 'hottest'  were the following Leo Board Members:

Bob Sheehy - Board Chairman
Dan McGrath -Leo President
Bill Holland - Leo Board and Mixed Martial Artist 
Mike Joyce - Leo Board/Boxing Coach and Box Car Willie Imitator
Jack Fitzgerald - Leo Board/IHSA & CCL Hall of Famer and Pensioner
Rich Finn - Leo Board Member and Finn Ranger (semi-retired)
John Linehan - Leo Board Member and Bestselling Author and Swordsman
Mike Holmes - Leo Dean/Football Coach and Sport Woman's Magazine Centerfold 2000
Ken Mason - Leo Board Member and Waterford Crystal Collector
Bob Standring - Leo Board Member and Tony Award Winning Insurance Magnate

Photo: Not a Metrosexual in Sight - Dan McGrath, Yours Truly, Jack Fitzgerald and Mike Holmes moments after Leo Hall of Fame and 2013 Graduation Keynote Speaker Jack Fitzgerald taught his last class. Forty years of teaching and coaching and Fitz remains tops with chicks.
President Dan -'Got Back' McGrath, Leo Staffer and Campus Gargoyle Hickey, Pensioner Jack ' Had Tina Louise in '71' Fitzgerald and Coach Mike ' Smoothe Creme' Holmes did not make the list.

Now, Why is that?

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