Friday, June 28, 2013

God Bless Chicago Cops! Two Leo Students Have You Tickets to the Baltimore Game on Tuesday Night, Thanks Detective!

Two Leo men will attend July 2nd's White Sox v. Orioles Game thanks to the anonymous gift of two tickets from a Chicago Police Department Detective. Our guys, or guy and his date, wi;; be seated in Section 102 - over by the Home Run Alley and Mall in the Park and under the Jumbo Tron.

This morning I opened my mailbox to fin an envelope addressed to Leo High School c/o Pat Hickey from CPD Headquarters at 3510 South Michigan Avenue.  Leo HS is proud to boast the great number of current and former CPD heroes among its Alumni.  CPD had many Leo Men in its Detective Division including the late Capt. Mo Higgins, Det. Eric Lee, Det. Eddie Jones, Lt. Joe Murphy, Dept Superintendent Donnie Hilbring and retired Deputy Superintendent James 'Molly" Molloy.

I do not know if the donor of the tickets happens to be a Leo Graduate, but he, or she has the heart of a Lion!

Chicago cops do more to help inner city kids of Leo High School achieve and succeed than any Center for Wrongful Punishment of All Cops at U of C, or Northwestern and every amblulance chasing Cadillac Commie Lawyer with his mitts itching for a pay-out.  Under-paid and under-manned cops and firemen have the backs of kids and walk-the- talk 24 -7.

The Race Baiters, the T-Shirt festooned march-a-thon activists, the agenda hacks and media hand-wringers have yet to step-up.  A cop, or a fireman can always count on being  portrayed as   brute, or at best second guessed by the media.  Our kids know much better!

I am giving your tickets to a Junior Math Scholar and varsity football player. He is consummate gent!  He will dispense the other ticket.

Thank you Detective and Thank you CPD!

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