Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Can Obama Do For Northern Irish Peace What He Has Done for The Middle East? or Chicago?

 Barack Obama today received huge cheers in Northern Ireland as he asked a room full teenagers: 'What's the craic?' . . .  He said: ‘If towns remain divided - if Catholics have their schools and buildings and Protestants have theirs, if we can't see ourselves in one another and fear or resentment are allowed to harden - that too encourages division and discourages cooperation.'  He added: 'Peace is not just about politics. It is about attitudes, a sense of empathy and breaking down barriers in hearts.' ( emphasis my own) 

Catholic schools create division?

President Obama (44) had a very bad attitude toward President George W. Bush (43) whom he and his surrogates deemed a war-mongering lout.  President Obama succeeded President Bush and was handed the Nobel Peace Prize.  He immediately went on a 'change your attitude' tour of the Middle East, which was immediately followed by the Arab spring which begat Libya and the Muslim Brotherhood's Egypt and the unchallenged slaughter of Coptic Christians .  Obama's new UN Ambassador Samantha "Genocide" Power has yet to comment on their fate and you will find no comment of outrage from President Obama.

Belfast and Northern Ireland itself were shaped by attitudes - bad attitudes, apartheid attitudes, British Colonial attitudes.  Bullets, bombs. barbed wire, tanks and RPGs competed for attention from 1969-New Millennium, but it was politics, dirty politics Bill Clinton style that brought about the Good Friday Agreement. Gerry Adams and Ian Paisley played ball in same manner that Mayor Richie Daley played ball with the Hyde  Park Mafia in order to create President Obama and put Sinn Fein in Stormont so to speak.  President Obama is only wrong when his mouth is moving.

America developed a very carefully crafted shift in attitude toward the war in Iraq and with help from Senators Dick Durbin and John Kerry American warriors became Nazi Wolf's Head monsters.  Hollywood, Journolists  and General Electric crafted the Obama Peace Narrative which would draw down the Iraq Surge and Surge up Afghanistahn and Raid Pakistahn and snuff Bin Laden.

Afghanistan became the Obama Good War.  Obama Rolling Stoned the military leaders like McCrystal,

Petraeus and others who managed to violate PC rules like Captain of the USS Enterprise.  Iraq was emptied of troops and Afghanistan stuffed. President Bush was Commander in Chief between 2001 nd 2009. Check the casualty count surge.
U.S. fatalities by month in only Afghanistan according to iCasualties.org
Grand Total: 2,144
U.S. all fatalities in Afghanistan only
Source: [1]
Note: Table omits the deaths of 92 soldiers killed in support of operations in Afghanistan in other countries.

Killed in action only[edit]

U.S. KIA (hostile) in Afghanistan only by month according to iCasualties.org
Grand Total: 1,770
575 US troops died in Afghanistan during the Bush presidency. By August 18, 2010, following two troop surges initiated by President Obama, that number had doubled. Today, over 1500 US troops have died in Afghanistan since President Obama took office—and yet, little in that war-torn country has changed.These numbers should give us pause. While the Administration has publicly conceded that there is no military solution in Afghanistan, and claimed that it supports 'Afghan-led reconciliation', its policy on the ground is marked by a refusal to establish a timetable for full military withdrawal even after misleading Americans into thinking that all US troops would be out of Afghanistan by the end of 2014.We must ask ourselves how many more lives will be sacrificed before the Obama administration sets a clear end date for America's longest war.

President Obama objects to Catholic schools and Protestant schools, but the victims and most especially the perpetrators of Chicago's soaring homicide rate tend to secularist Chicago Public Schools.

President Obama objects rhetorically to violence but asks God's Blessings on Planned Parenthood.

President Obama calls for harmony and has polarized America like no other American President -unprecedented.

President and Mrs. Obama  still own a home in Kenwood-WoodLawn-on-Hyde Park and not weekend goes by without an ironic note that a victim took some rounds, 'near Obama's home.'  There have been scores of victims to this ballistic magnetic field.   What attitudes Obamaesque could solve this very unBelfastian dilemma?  They are distressed that 'white Irish Catholics' hold all of the power of politics.

Now, what kind of an attitude is that?

What's the craic? The Obama Presidency.

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