Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Gender Equity? Oh, I think not.

Parmenides: Fragment 17, On Nature - "boys on the right , girls on the left "

Petronius -“Outward beauty is not enough; to be attractive [one] must use words, wit, playfulness, sweet-talk, and laughter to transcend the gifts of Nature.” 

Note the geometry of this splendid photo.  The Euclidean strait line (vision) is but one way   Three beautiful young fashion models with eyes on the lens and a trio of gents with the sartorial sensibilities of an FFA Chapter in Paxton, IL., the male population of the Republic of Ireland, or the Last Call Society at Brewbackers in Chicago attentive to the charms apropriate.  Nevertheless, Man and Woman perpetuate the species in all of its variety. Lads, it gets better!  Polish up your forms of address and work on your social habiliments and rest assured you'll be dating Countesses, Millionaires and Movie Stars!  Unless of course, Parmenides Fragment # 18 comes into play.

Where Romance gets beaten to death in a black-out drunken episode - repeated nightly.

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