Thursday, July 14, 2011

Robert Reich Calls Debt Ceiling Debate "a Game of Chicken" - Americans Respond

Former Clinton Secretary of the Labor(NAFTA) Robert Reich calls the debt ceiling impasse - A Game of Chicken.

ROBERT REICH On Why The Wildly Partisan And Theatrical Game Of Chicken Will Miraculously Vanish -- Until 2012
McConnell’s plan would allow the President to raise the debt limit. Congressional Republicans could then vote against the action with resolutions of disapproval. But these resolutions would surely be vetoed by the President. And such a veto, like all vetoes, could only be overridden by two-thirds majorities in both the House and Senate – which couldn’t possibly happen with the Democrats in the majority in the Senate and having enough votes in the House to block an override.

Get it? The compromise allows Republicans to vote against raising the debt limit without bearing the horrendous consequences of a government default.

No budget cuts. No tax increases. No clear plan for deficit reduction. Nada. The entire, huge, mind-boggling, wildly partisan, intensely ideological, grandly theatrical, game of chicken miraculously vanishes.

Until the 2012 election, that is.

I no longer trust Channel 9 WGN Weather guru Tom Skilling to tell me the weather forecast, as Amiable Tom has been off his game for some time. Speaking off their game, Financial Rainmakers like Bob Reich, Timmy Geitner and the absent Austin Goolsby cry chicken all the time - America goes on economic Def-Con Six Crisis Mode every time Chris Matthews,Big Ed and everyone else in MSNBC clown car get a memo from Green Energy ( GE) boss Immelt.

Minnesota's Progressive Governor refused to allow his State a Walker Moment and rubbed the Legislature's nose in Dog Food for Grannies and Ecomonic End of Days! No Rapture. The bridges still are up and the State Cops are still pulling over Cheesheads, Hawkeyes and FIPs who get over-served at the Little Red Wing Eye-Opener Pub. The only thing that is down is the Lotto.

I say, Leave the Ceiling where it is!

Other Americans like these lusty young chaps should introduce Robert Reich to the real game at stake here in this our Republic!

Bob is cut!

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