Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Our Irish Cousins - A Film by Houli and Your Chance to be Maecenas

Gaudeamus igitur
Iuvenes dum sumus.
Post iucundam iuventutem
Post molestam senectutem
Nos habebit humus . . .

Vivat nostra civitas,
Maecenatum caritas
Quae nos hic prot

Ah, those golden days of student life - Das Korps Burschenschaft; arguing Maughman's proclivities toward the randy rump and his prose portraits of attractive harridans - Somerset's rivals for Cupid's dart after all; Expressionism, Neue, Sachlichkeit, Agitprop; stern walks with Herr Professor Doktor Boethius Reifsneider on Untersuchungen über die Deutlichkeit der Grundsätze der natürlichen Theologie und der Moral - I held in favor of Old Kant, while Mein Her Doktor took a Hegelian turn; gallons of Rhenish and kegs of bierr in Heidleberg Englebrau earthen vessals -sans covers, naturliche! Sweaty combat in the courts of Mensur, being an adept mit der Korbschläger! The Marburgers, Damn Their Eyes! Ah, the schmiss and post sanguinary the kiss of the Miss with the Cherry Lips! Merry Magdelena and busty Bertilda! After a good festering heal, to swagger about the Strasse and catch the look of envy of mein "Korpsbruder" Meister Hickey,Such a Scar! Aus gezeichnet!

This reverie betokens my thanks to the patrons of my ease, delights, romances, combats and dissolute roisterings! My patrons! Those who paid my way!

Uncle Dan's Clout!
Local 25,Building, Theatres and Amusements Janitors Union!
Gateway Trucking!
Mr. Lee's Clothing!

I left the university debt free! My Maecenas Universal!

The Point, Hickey?

Ah, Yes! Here I am slashing about with the Korbschläger of memory when I should be thrusting with the Stoßmensur of rigid reason.

Be a Patron of the Arts! I am. Having invested my widower's mites to two fine films produced by Michael Houlihan (Her Majesty Da Queen and Our Irish Cousins, please, allow me to explain the benefits of being a film producer.

You put some jack into Houli's movies and he puts your name in the credits for all the world to see - not that that is important; but, having one's vanity stroked is nice. You can go to your grave knowing that you have boosted the Beaux-Arts!

For as little as $25.00, cash money, you become a modern Maecenas. The full throated roaring of Gaudeamus Igitur by your humble servent as an undergradute ended with words of praise to Ocatvian's Parton of the Arts and the State - Gaius Maecenas.
It is a noble and patriotic thing to be a patron - invest in Houli's latest film!

Here's How!

Become one of the producers
of our new film, Our Irish Cousins.

IT'S TAX-DEDUCTIBLE!, just like church!

Kick in as little as 25 bucks and your name could appear in the final credits of the film with other significant donors like
those on our honor roll listed here.
Send us $100 and we'll send you a DVD of "Her Majesty, 'da Queen", the prologue to Our Irish Cousins, which recently aired on WTTW, Chicago Public Television, and a copy of the book that started it all, Hooliganism Stories.

Click my post title for the direct link. Gaudeamus igitur
Iuvenes dum sumus. . . .

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