Monday, July 18, 2011

This Time Last Year - The Journolist; This Year - Let's Get Rupert!

I am never disappointed in the Media, though I am generally appalled by the Media. The Media ( not individual reporters, copy editors, or investigative professionals) tend to be the pampered children of privilege, or protected creatures who spout contrarian opinion to common sense, human dignity, and reality.

The Media are America's collective "the makers of fashion" in pop culture and politics. Would, for example a Lady Gaga be a finalist on America's Got Talent? Likewise, who creates a Congressman Weiner, other than the Media? The Media made academia a safe have for the likes of terrorist and droning gasbag Billy-boy Ayers and his odious Old Lady - Northwestern Law Prof Who Can't Practice Law Bernardine Dohrn. The Media decided that police officers are the universally brutal systemic racist Simon Lagrees of post-Racial America. Bullying is the sole property of the Media.

Last year, at this time, the Journolist Scandal bubbled, but never really boiled with anything like fury. The Jounolist is a cabal of rich, privileged Blue Chip university grad-punksters that the Media graces with license. This Licentious Journo-List played havoc with the truth all through the 2008 election cycle and beyond.

Who are the Jounrolistas? One gent identified this cadre with sharp and witty accuracy - they are largely nerds, dweebs, and gents who are repelled by the thought of conjugal affection with any female. They took particular delight in their attempted ravaging of the Palin Family. Sarah Palin is a beautiful woman who happens to be happily married to a union man and the mother of universally welcomed children. Palins don't abort. Moreso, they breed.

Last summer, Mark Judge, a writer for The Daily Caller ( liberal journalist, attorney, Fox TV News legal analyst, and Leo High School Board Member Tamara Holder also contributes to DC) offered this dandy assessment of the core of journolist ire

Andrew Sullivan’s obsessive hatred of Palin goes far beyond the cynicism of a journalist; there is a kind of primordial spasm of rage against something so marvelously lovely, so downright awesome. It’s like that guy a few years ago who took a hammer to Da Vinci’s sculpting of David. The beauty was unbearable! Palin is an archetype that the left does not know how to contain or control: the hot female jock who also happens to be cool. The left hates good-looking Republican women and jocks, so combining the two is like an exorcist hitting a demon with not only prayers, but water blessed by the Pope.

There’s usually one hot female jock like Palin in every school. It’s a girl who is so stunning that even teachers find themselves staring, yet she is too modest to acknowledge her beauty. She plays it down or changes the subject when someone brings it up. It may be because she was raised with good values, the desire to be humble, but it could also be because she wants to be taken seriously as a jock. Palin is a triple threat: a pretty jock who is also incredibly sexy (pretty and sexy are two different things). In high school she was the kind of girl that the school newspaper nerds – the future Journolisters – despised. Pummeled with so much raw beauty, athleticism and sex appeal – and she’s nice, too, goddamn her – these fearless chroniclers of reality were left sputtering – and seething.

Like the plot of a Tina Fey script, Ezra Klein's Kommandos controlled the Media narrative, until called on it - by the non-Media. That would be anyone or thing that stands opposed to full agreement with AV-Club/'We Are So Much Smarter' Cabal of Gleeks.

The Journolistas howl, "Fox and Breitbart must be behind this bullying! Therefore, let's get some pusillanimous payback!"

Welcome to summer of Rupert. Rupert Murdoch is an Empire of Opinion that runs counter to the Nerdocracy that is the American Media. The American Media has political pit-poodles like Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois who began yapping for Congressional Hearings aimed at Murdoch's problems in Perfidious Albion.

Sen. Dick Durbin is always a contrarian delight, whether he is parsing for Planned Parenthood, calling American miltary folks Nazi's, or trying to make things just a bit more comfortable for our Gitmo guests. If Durbin is for it, I generally feel that it is a really bad idea. Sen Durbin is a Tapioca Bernie Sanders. Any digging at great Federal expense for Murdoch Muddy Water will be a dry well, here in the Colonies. It will probably happen, because Murdoch represents the Yin to the Media's Yang; therfore, the Progressive Pit Poodle will go on his nerdy Fox Hunt.

The Media is a abuzz with the arrest of Titian Tress ed Murdoch Babe*, who was married to the Shrek-like Ross Kemp until his Rainbow Randy Roisterings ( Ross, it seems batted from the other side of plate) were cause for marital infidelity divorce proceeding, much objected to by an openly Gay MP. This homophobic harpy had to go! The Rebekkah Brooks titillation's will take up the balance of summer, until the lady is released.

All in all, the Media is a hypocritical band of nerdy Mean Girl Boys. They will always have a place at the table, until people decide to not accept their nonsense. Get a load of these dweebs! Rupert Agonistes! Miss Brooks - I know a cohort of lusty males who would vie for this maiden's affections, or as Roofer/Philsopher Eddie Carrol might offer, " I'd take a hard run at her."

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