Saturday, July 02, 2011

Independence Day Prep Music - Great Wedding Photo by David Ettinger and John Fogerty Live in London

Groom wearing U.S. Marines dress uniform reclining and holding a child. Wedding photographed 8/21/10. Photo by David Ettinger. The wedding of Catherin and Ryan was photographed by David Ettinger right here in Chicago. The above seems to have been shot near Lizzie McNeil's Irish Pub on the Chicago Riverwalk, where the Skinny and Houli Show 'debriefing's*' take place.

John Fogerty lets loose in Perfidious Albion!

Skinny and Houli return to AM Radio -WCEV 1450, 3(M today. Do dial in!

* Houli and Skinny have yet to debrief me, as it is my habit, custom and wont to sport Boxers.

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