Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gov. Quinn's Personal Pronouns - WE then, and now, WE are THEY.

That is WE in the picture.

We're not going back,” he said. “They made a choice. Any organization that decides that because of the civil unions law that they won't participate voluntarily in a program, that's their choice.” PaT Quinn the "practicing Catholic" Governor.

I am a Catholic. I work at a Catholic High School. I go to Catholic Mass on Sunday with Catholics; some are rich, some are barely making it financially. Governor Quinn signed legislation that allowed homosexuals ( Lesbian, Gay, BiSexual, Transgender and Questioning) form a civil bond that gives them legal and insurance rights as couples.

Gay couples want children and they want what the heart wants and they want it now; therefore the two thousand year and change doctrines of the Catholic Church need to sit down and shut up. It's a civil rights issue, don't you know?

Nah. It is a political issue all about money coalitions and votes . . .and that is Okay.

What is not Okay, is the high heaping helpings of bullshit that pass for political talking points and modern journalism.

Catholic Charities which has cared for orphans and foundlings in its many manifestations long before Jane Addams set eyes on her two life companions at the turn of the century can no longer take care of children by placing them in homes of "Couples." Catholic Charities places children in homes of married couples. Married couples tend to be, at the moment, a man and woman. Civil Union couples can be two guys, two girls, two trandsgender-whatchmancallems- or two Questioning Persons of like like gender who just don't know, yet, if they are wired Delta 230V, or WYE 208 European.

Catholic Charities took care of kids who had no family - a Mom and Dad - and helped find families for those kids for more than two hundred years.

DCFS will take care of kids who need homes, now; that should give everyone pause.

Governor Quinn, a practicing Catholic ( I never understood that verbal - either you are a Catholic, or not all the practice in the world won't change that) tossed out the pronouns because he signed the law, after barely squeaking by Catholic Bill Brady who would not have signed the civil union law. Pat Quinn took care of the PACS that matter - Planned Parenthood & etc. Quinn's Personal Pronoun PACS it seems - They are WE and Catholics are the THEY. I am a THEY. I voted for HIM -QUINN.

What's the matter with ME; what was I thinking? I thought Pat Quinn was the working man Governor, because the skilled trades backed him. Civil Unions? Abortions? Pat Quinn was all about working people who go to Mass, because Pat Quinn is a practicing Catholic. We was We then and We are They. We (I) voted for Quinn, but now that I am THEY that is all changed. I don't have any money. Terry Cosgrove of Personal PAC/LGBTQ PACs has lots of money. Terry Cosgrove is a solid WE and I am a solid though impecunious THEY. I now understand the Quinn Personal Pronoun.

I now know what a practicing Catholic is - an elected official who could care less about anything.

Catholics, Lutherans and Evangelicals are THEY . . .now. WE was WE then and I voted voted with WE . . .then.

Abortion and Gay Marriage ( Civil Union the sequal)is WE . . . now. WE ARE NOT GOING BACK!!!!!

Nothing there back here any more, Guv.

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Bill Baar said...

Great post Pat. One of your best