Thursday, July 07, 2011

Jon Loevy -"cold-cocked him right in the face," As Opposed to . . .? Ambulance Chaser's Video is Equally as Clear as The Cal-Sag After a Flood.

Jon Loevy has made a fortune using the media to help him rake in tax-payer dollars from Thug Happy lawsuits.

Jon Loevy is as responsible for the North Avenue Beach closings, Boystown beat-downs, Anywhere Chicago thug beat-downs, 'crimes of opportunity,' Roseland 24/7, and the loss of revenue at Taste of Chicago, as all of the other bottom-feeding lawyers/activists who use the Sherwin Williams Race Paint in undermining confidence in Law and Law officials ( all cops, some States Attorneys, and the better judges).

If your kids ask why they can no longer ride the CTA and Metra, go to Grant Park, River North, McDonald's, Walgreens, Louis Vitton, AMC theatres, or perhaps with current City Council legislation,stay out in front of the house past 8:30 PM, tell the wee ones, "Jon Loevy needs to make more money, honeys"

Jon Loevy is no dope;nor, is he in any way interested what you Chicagoans think about our City-wide Thug Comfort Zone. Jon Loevy is all about using the media, gutless elected officials, and group-thought do-gooder loud-mouths who seem to subsist on a steady diet of bullshit, to amass more millions.

Get a load of this video that Jon Loevy trotted out for his latest shakedown:

According to the Tribune's Breaking News (click my post title)Lawyer Loevy added with characteristically faux broad shouldered street cred that a police officer bitch slapped his client -"cold-cocked him right in the face."

Can one be 'cold-cocked' from a blow to another part of the human anatomy? From the video one can clearly ascertain that some mischief is afoot.

Police violence?

-". . . cold-cocked him right in the the tender part of the upper arm he did."

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