Friday, July 01, 2011

Today, Gov. Quinn Kills the Illinois Death Penalty, but Abortion is Okay - Is This the Language of Love?

Everything should be just jake, now!

Gov. Pat Quinn signed the ban on capital punishment March 9, but the law didn't take effect until July 1.At the time, the governor also said he would commute the sentences of those on death row to life in prison. Quinn wanted to avoid the inconsistency of having a death penalty ban for future crimes but still having inmates awaiting execution.

The reprieve cleared death row at Pontiac Correctional Center, where 15 condemned inmates were imprisoned.

Five days after Quinn signed the ban, the inmates got the commutation orders.

From that point, each inmate was evaluated for the most appropriate prison. All but one were sent to maximum security prisons, and most were placed in double cells with other inmates in the general population.

Teodoro Baez, a convicted samurai-sword murderer from the West Side, was placed at Dixon Correctional Center, a medium-high security prison with a mental health facility, officials said.

Over several weeks, decisions were made that scattered the other 14 inmates among Stateville, Menard and Pontiac. One inmate who stayed at Pontiac but moved into the general population was Brian Dugan, the killer in the 1983 attack on 10-year-old Jeanine Nicarico, of Naperville.
Hey, glad to hear that these fine folks are cozy. Terry Cosgrove's Guv Pat Quinn* is deeper in Illinois Planned Parenthood's pouch than a new born baby Joey in Perth; therefore unborn kids will be facing the knife and forceps. Makes sense to a Progressive.

Murder, He says? Solid, Jackson!

Governor Pat Quinn's appointment of the head of a pro-choice political group to a spot on the Human Rights Commission.

Terry Cosgrove is president and CEO of Personal PAC, a group that is dedicated to electing pro-choice politcians. His confirmation passed the Illinois Senate by a vote of 30-25 Thursday, with Republicans vehemently opposed and debate getting so heated that two senators had to be separated, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.
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