Friday, July 15, 2011

Unsolicited Assesment of the Character of This Blogger

There was an exchange of opinion in the commentary section of these postings concerning my lineage, ancestry, and inclinations -civic, amorous, and otherwise. These offerings violated taste, wit and concern for the winsome hearts of ladies everywhere. Nevertheless, this exchange between two worthies might clear up any and all misconceptions regarding the character and deportment of your humble servant.

His handsome face and rich attire had appealed to their admiration, his cool daring and the way he had handled the bully of the town had won their respect.

"I tell ye what, boys," a burly miner remarked, "he ain't no slouch, ef ye hear me squeal, but did enny of ye ever see him afore?"

'I did," a grizzled old prospector offered this of the paragon Prolific Hickey" I know'd the villain over in Custer Park, 'bout Twenty Seven yar ago."

"An' what war his record thar?"

"All white;- a chief— free with his dust, his dukes, and his derringers, jess as it'd suit ye; an' clear grit down to hard-pan."

"I thought so— he looks it. An' that kid o' his'n (Conor Oliver Hickey)! I sw'ar he's a whale! the little feller came ridin' in on thet thar hoss, an' a-singin' out Lord, boys, so like's 'f he meant business, an' when I reckon he did, ye could a-knocked me down with a chaw o' tobacco, I war so 'mazed like."

"Same here, pard."

"And here."
. . .& etc. as like encomiums poured on!

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