Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Considered Appeal for the Tolerance of Cannabis

Dog! This is soooo not cool!

It’s pretty well-known within the criminal justice system that the judges will dismiss those charges for very modest amounts of illicit drugs,” she said, “and so I suggested to him that the police might stop arresting people for this, since it clogs up our jail, and their cases will be dismissed out anyway,” Preckwinkle told reporters after Wednesday’s Cook County Board meeting." Cook County Board President Toni "Two-Shoes" Preckwinkle.

I noticed something outre concerning Toni Preckwinle's habiliments some years ago, when, as Alderman, she charged Chicago Nobel Literature laureate Saul Bellow with racism. What was she smoking? ( Click my post title for that archived tidbit)

Lawyers, HBO, Andy Dick, California, Deadheads, some Parrotheads, Willie Nelson, Residents of Penal Institutions and Cook County Board President Tony " Two-Shoes" Preckwinkle want Law Enforcement to turn a blind eye to any and all existing laws prohibiting the distribution, sale and use of Marijuana. I have heard only a very few reasoned arguments for this embargo of the Law. The Cats and the Fiddle make a compelling case.

The Cats and The Fiddle:

He's the man that smokes that jive.
That jive will take you for a dive.
One slip you will arrive.
When you smoke that killin' jive.

It will make you very tall.
Seems as if you're going to fall.
Knock yourself out for a ride.
You know I mean that killin' jive.

You will think you'll blow your top.
Start laughing and you just can't stop.
Now won't you give him a smile.
'Cause he's a sad man not a bad man.

Everything will seem so funny. Darkest days will seem so sunny.
That feeling will arrive.
when you smoke that killin' jive.

When you're high man,
you're sailin' man,
You're in the sky man.
You got no mail man.

You'll be so mellow,
just like a jello.
When you smoke that killin' jive.

Satis lege quia stulti aliquando postulent.


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