Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wendi Murdoch's A Good Sheila

Wendi Murdoch jumped up quicker than starvin' dingo on a slab of good tucker to protect her husband. Wendi is the jailbait bride of 76 year old Rupert Murdoch the # 2 most powerful man in business, answering the questions of politicians would snuggled in Murdoch's power and now want to go all Big I Am for the British Media.

Some eedjit shock jock, or Bill Maher tried to cream pie Rupert and got walloped by Wendi and she whacks the mope like a Mother McAuley Spiker!

Here is Telegraph report from Lucy Jones:

So now we know the real reason Rupert Murdoch married 42-year-old Wendi Deng: her kick-ass slam dunk. As the stupid git in the checked shirt sabotaged Louise Mensch’s questioning to attack Rupert Murdoch with a foam pie, Ninja Wendi jumped to his defence. And she didn’t hold back. Was her swift reaction and killer shot helped by years of playing volleyball? What a gal.
From the beginning of the Select Committee, it was clear – from her body language and eyes following his every move – that Wendi is Rupert’s great protector. But no one expected she’d be a better bodyguard than the Metropolitan Police! Could this story get any more surreal? Wendi Deng, you’re a hero.

Wendi's a good Sheila.

I'm gonna try and catch the Red-head on Live Cable this afternoon.

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