Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Comedy of Our Epic Time

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"A man cannot have character unless he lives within a fundamental system of morals that creates character." Harry S. Truman

Last night I watched the news on ABC at 5:30 - The World News With Aging Cheerleader Diane Sawyer: Debt Ceiling Crisis X 5, The monster of Norway X two, Amy Winehouse, Happy Meals for Fat Kids, Bear Attacks 7 Youths Learning About the Dangers of Bear Attacks,The French Dude who beat the rape rap and some other stuff.

Diane Sawyer is really not fun to watch and seems to have the personality of a dial tone. I 86'd ABC News and caught the exchange between White House Press Wrangler Jay Carney - the kid always appears to be on the verge of tears.

I was tossing towels and cloths in and out of baskets in the endless assembly line of laundry and watched the comedy that is our times. We worry about the weight of other peoples children and wring-hands over the death of a talented girl who seemed determine to kill herself. We feast on nonsense and then endlessly analyze the stool samples.

Here it is in transcript:

Q Jay, why not release the last offer that Boehner made? I mean, instead of -- if you don’t want to release your own plan, release that plan. If that’s the deal -- if that’s the last offer he made and you guys are willing to go back with a few minor tweaks, release it. It’s the last week -- release it.

MR. CARNEY: I’m not going to -- look, we have shown a lot of leg on what we were proposing --

Q Where?

MR. CARNEY: From the podium, right here. (Laughter.) And from the Roosevelt Room. Certainly the Speaker of the House can address, or his people can address what they were -- what their last offer was. They claim that they walked away from the table because of the $400 billion --

Q Why not you do it? If they throw it out there and then you’re --

MR. CARNEY: The President stood here -- Chuck, again, I can’t remember if you were here -- it might have been Kristen -- but the President stood here on Friday night and went into great detail. You should look at the transcript. The President’s people met --

Q I understand, I’ve seen the transcript -- there’s still nothing out there. Why not just release that plan?

MR. CARNEY: Is it because you -- I mean, look, you need something printed for you, you can’t write it down? There is ample detail --

Harry they hardly know you!

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