Saturday, July 16, 2011

Marin 'Ates Rupert! Crikee! 'Ow The Bluddy 'eLL Does Muh,Dock Sleep A' Nigh'?

Rupert and Wendy Murdoch,OMG!

At 76, Murdoch appears to be at the height of his powers. He views Dow Jones, along with the recent launch of the Fox Business Network, as steps in the creation of a globe-spanning financial news powerhouse. Can he do it? The breadth of his ambition could be his Achilles heel - the more dominant News Corp. becomes, the more opposition it tends to provoke. Still, Murdoch has proved time and again that counting him out is a high-risk strategy. --Tim Arango
Forbes Magazine - Top 25 Most Powerful People in Business and Rupert is # 2.

He’s an Australian by birth, and media ownership required American citizenship, something anti-immigration conservatives had no problem awarding when it came to the billionaire mogul. Murdoch became a citizen during the Reagan administration.

Now, as I write this, the Murdoch scandal has taken down the publisher of the Wall Street Journal, Les Hinton, who had been with Murdoch’s News Corp. for decades.

Hinton claimed not to have known that other parts of Murdoch’s vast media empire had engaged in deplorable, illegal conduct.

It was, as they say, news to him.
Carol "Empty Calories" Marin -Chicago Media Icon and Character Dry-Gulcher

. . .Keith Murdoch, who, by 1917, aged just 30, had become a celebrated guest in the power salons of London society. Senior politicians sought his advice: generals entertained him; society ladies fawned on him: yet he knew nothing about war.

Like father, like son. Five successive British prime ministers have courted Rupert Murdoch because of his influence -- and that in turn could only have resulted from his own brutal charisma, combined with his awesome determination to have his way. Moreover, British and Irish journalism owes him a huge debt -- for only his willpower could have broken the toxic stranglehold of the corrupt and villainous print-unions over journalism, in which, rather typically, the National Union of Journalists became the flaccid and weak-willed accomplice of its actual enemies, the printers.

Given the incredible personal might of Rupert Murdoch, and the extraordinary ability of his organisations to create compelling public narratives, I should not be at all surprised in five years' time to see that the horror story of TNOTW will have become a largely forgotten footnote in the history of British journalism. For remember this: mankind does not endlessly relate tales about the truth, but instead studiously opts for tales that serve some particular social function. And of course, almost all modern Murdochian tales serve a very particular purpose indeed; namely, dynastic pride.

Kevin Myers Irish Independent

I wouldn't know Rupert Murdoch if he were buying my dinner at Les Nomades -

" 'Ere, Garçon ! See the well-set up Bloke sitting with the stunner oveh theyah? The 'andsome gent with the Brooks Brothers Outleet spawt-kit 'n the Bass Pro Shop cra-vayt - A tie you'se Yanks call'em. 'Im, the Bloke what 'eld the chay-ah fer iz Sheelah a'fore 'ee set dayun. Good on 'im! I'm buyin' 'is Tucker. Nayow scat, Ya Faht-knocker!"

That would be a nice savings on a fabulous meal, but only a day-dream.

I woke up to another of Carol Marin's poison dart masterpieces tossed at the back of the neck of a wounded prey - this time it is Rupert Murdoch. Carol kicked the late and lovely Lura Lynne Ryan during George's trial, actually just before the Kangaroo Court Ruling for no other reason than malice and to exercise her iconic power. Carol destroyed the lives of Mary and Chris Fogarty by accusing them of being an IRA hit team. Rupert Murdoch is no Jerry Springer, by all accounts. Carol brought out the heavy-guns, Harry Potter and the ghost of Royko, to lend her empty intellectual calories some weight in her latest too-too-bitchy offering - Well, that's Carol in this City! Rupert Murdoch will be fine.

His tabloid empire across the pond has been interestingly assaulted by the world media. The same hypocrites who unsealed Senate Candidate Jack Ryan's divorce files to ensure that back-bencher Barack Obama ran against nutty Al Keyes for US Senate, who outsourced help to unearth dirt about Governor Palin's tenure and personal life while Governor of Alaska, who Jounolista'd it up across America to assassinate character as ordered by the Politico-Bureau, are all trying to chip away at Rupert Murdoch, while praying that some Deus Ex Machina will descend to give him am ideological come-upance.

I look at the world and its players and try and consider the sources concerning who is criticizing whom - Carol is consistent. I know only one person who has ever met Rubert Murdoch in person and that is Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist Jack Higgins. Jack said that he was very nice. Jack also works for the Chicago Sun Times. I respect Jack Higgins and I understand Carol Marin.

More so, Rupert Murdoch is married to Wendy. Rupert will be fine.


K T Cat said...

Good lord. I'd never seen them as a couple before. Talk about arm candy!

Having said that, I'm a little bit sad for Rupert. My wife and I are about the same age. She's a total gem and I wouldn't trade her for all the chicks 30 years younger in the world. I would quickly tire of talking to someone that young.

pathickey said...

Brother Cat,

All I can say is "Good On Ya, Cobber!"

I am in total agreement with regard to dating, much less marrying jail-bait. Though I do and have.

However, in both cases ( my late beloved Mary and the elegant and beautiful woman who deigns to be seen in public with me) were of the same generation.