Sunday, July 03, 2011

Thaddeus McCotter 2012- Anti-Abortion Catholic, Pro Real Labor, Sensible on Free Trade, Plays a Fender Telecastor and has a Great Name

Thaddeus is a great name. It comes from the language only known by Biblical scholars and Mel Gibson -Aramaic. Aramaic is the language that Jesus spoke, a kind of Greek and Hebrew in a blender. Thaddeus means heart in Aramaic; Therefore, the purchase of thousands of bumper stickers sporting red faux ticker in place of the transitive verb following the nominative singular personal pronoun and preceding Thadeus would be redundant ( note to McCotter Spin Merchants).

Thaddeus in the Roman Catholic Faith is St. Jude Thaddeus the son of Cleophus and Mary, who stood with Mary Mother of God at the foot of the Cross, and is revered as the patron of hopeless causes.

Thaddeus McCotter is a Congressman who entered the Republican Presidential lists this 4Th of July Holiday Weekend.

Rep. McCotter arguably is the least recognized name in the very broad field. He has an odd name to be sure, but certainly one less exotic than the one on the mailbox at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. - Barack Obama was one term Senator from Illinois, when he challenged the power of Dean, Edwards, HR Clinton, Biden, & etc.

Here is a blue collar guy who will say, "With God's help, we can prevail." This is 180 degrees from the Mosh Pit Mantra of "Yes, Can We Can!" Yes, we can what? Bankrupt the nation? Abandon our Allies? Bow to tyrants and princes? Cash in the future? Keep killing the innocent? Yes, he do.

President Barack Obama plays a Rock Star, but he has no chops. Going on three years of Air Guitar Hero In Chief, perhaps it is time to listen to one who took the time to learn how to play. Here is Thad McCotter doing Norwegian Wood

He plays well with Democrats -The Second Amendments here at Farm Aid:

McCotter is married to a nurse, always a solid. MSNBC has no use for him and that is always a plus. Thad McCotter takes dung from no one - get this!

Thaddeus McCotter has the chops. Maybe, things are not as impossible as they seem.


James H said...

I am interested him . Might do something on him Tuesday

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