Friday, August 28, 2009

With the Last Kennedy Asleep in God's Peace, Perhaps the Democratic Party Will Snap Out of It!

When it came to the white ethnic working class from which his father came, Kennedy just plain didn’t get it. Whether it was court-ordered busing in Boston in the 1970s, or the affirmative action policies that stymied the careers of so many of his family’s traditional voters, Kennedy never grasped the depth of the blue-collar frustration as he veered left. And what infuriated them even more was that so many of them had grown up in homes where on one side of the mantel was a faded photo of the martyred JFK, and on the other the pope, with a dried-up palm frond given out at Mass on Palm Sunday between them.
Howie Carr Boston Herald

The last Kennedy of the Camelot Myth has gone to meet God. The goofballs are doing a Michael Jackson on Ted Kennedy.

As a Democrat, as Catholic, as an Irish Catholic Ted Kennedy was far from my cup of tea. He was huge, he was powerful and he was a presence in American politics, but more so he seemed to command the tiller of Democratic National Party and all the worst elements within it - Planned Parenthood, Identity Politics, Third World Apologists and Cultural Elitists. Those forces allowed Ted Kennedy to amass power and retain it and it was okay with Ted Kennedy. Now he is gone.

The Democratic Party might just snap out of it and return to the principles that JFK and RFK adhered to, but their rudderless younger brother sailed away from.

Real Labor and real working class Americans need leaders in the Democratic Party. Locally, I know many such women and men, but Nationally (Judicial/Executive/Legislative Branches) they do not exist.

PACS -ACORN/SEIU/ACLU and Planned Parenthood control who gets to step on the National stage as a Democrat.

The Media takes its orders from the PACs and Corporations in bed with them. However, now that the last Plantagenet/Kennedy has returned to the mythopoeic fogs and the Democratic Party is spiralling out of control due to the amateurism of the falconers ( Obama/Pelosi/Reed/Dodd/Gore and their masters) in this debate on Health Care Reform, perhaps a leader with genuine principles - A Catholic, a Protestant, a Jew, or a Muslim, might rank an offering from Planned Parenthood, SEIU, ACLU,ACORN or GE as beneath her dignity and refuse to parse their lies as truths.

Perhaps, I will get a starting nod from Lovie Smith at the QB spot for the Bears Opener against Green Bay on September 13th. Perhaps.

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