Sunday, August 16, 2009

Watch MSNBC Flannelmouth O'Donnell Get His Come-up-ance - Not That He Understands What That Means

You Got That Right, O'Donnell!
Lawrence O'Donnell is filling in for Chris "Milky" Matthews, another Mick Loud Mouth, on MSNBC's Hard Ball.

MSNBC is what I have on when doing the laundry for House Hickey. It is white noise that goes positively Albino when Matthews is on - now, I have see-thru Irish skin,but my God Matthews looks like one of those scary dudes in the Matrix movies or the poor kid Milky in Me, Myself,& Irene.

Matthews usually has on a cavalcade of Irish-American cartoon characters that anyone who attended a parish grammar school in America can recognize - Joan Walsh and Lawrence O'Brien the sure fire Rat-out Everyone else in Class Ass-Kissers and phonies who were sure to let SISTER know that 'Everyone else in Room 304 was talking and not acting as the Blessed Virgin would expect of Catholic children.'

Joan Walsh is afflicted with a perpetual slow-head-shake employed when an opposing point of view's representative is speaking,in order to visually poison the well of dispute for MSNBC.

O'Donnell is the Loud-Mouth Faux Tough Guy Son of the On-the-Pad Police Captain Who Will 'Have Your Old Man Pinched When He Comes Out of B&H Liquors' and only hits a guy when three of his toadies are holding his arms. He is the type of guy who wears his high school Letterman's jacket for the balance of his life though he never played a down of football or got his Chuck Taylor's dirty.

MSNBC has managed to coral every jerk-stereotype from every Catholic grammar school in America into its Democratic Progressive Irish Cartoon Panel. If you remember a creep from St. Malachy's, St. Gabe's, Little Flower, St. Brendan's or St. Columbanus, watch MSNBC and you catch that creep shouting or doing the weepy phoney act.

MSNBC is a propaganda mill. No News is Their News. MSNBC sports Tamron Hall who could not find a Chinaman on 22nd Street while reading news copy at Fox in Chicago; David 'Shay It Don't Shpray It - Fountainmouth' Schuester, a nebbish of the 1st Order; Fatboy Keith Olbermann -nuff said on that nut-job; Butch Maddow, the GLBT show dog of MSNBC and Herman Goring Wannabe Ed Schultz. A Ship of Fools. Volume does not mean quality. Birthers, Palin-Is-Satan, You are a Racist and We Are Not, You Are a Redneck and We Are Not is the full battery of MSNBC opinion slingers.

Lawrence O'Donnell had the sound tech pin back the arms of dispute with a Texas Congressman over the Health Care Debate - which MSNBC is working overtime to help derail. Real Clear Politics offered a video of the shout-down by O'Donnell, which really is Milky's shtick, of Rep. Cullbertson (R,TX) who manages to wedge in this shot on flannel-mouth O'Donnell:

Rep. John Culberson (R-TX): "You know, Lawrence, for your listeners, you're illustrating why MSNBC's viewership is in the tank because you don't allow your people you're interviewing to answer questions. And, you know Lawrence, this is why Katie and everybody else is going to Facebook, everyone's going to the Internet because why listen to MSNBC when you won't even let the people you're interviewing answer the question?"

Click my post title for the full treatment.
Anyone -Democrat, Republican, or any thinking bi-ped who goes on MSNBC should have his/her head examined. It was the first time that I have witnessed am abused guest on that idiotic channel punch back at a bullying creep - neither O'Donnell, nor Matthews would have graduated from high school with a full set of buckers on the south side of Chicago. Creeps of all faiths, races and political persuassions ( though most are Real Democrats) would have been treated to a sound, thorough and wholesome ass-kicking -for starters.

Huge thanks to Tom Bevan's Real Clear Politics for the Head's Up!


mdeva said...

Wah-wah-wah. I have no salient response to the issues, so I'll flail away at nothingness; punching at the air(waves) with "both hands".

Culbertson was TKOd in the 2nd round, left dazed and mumbling incoherently when asked how he could rail at a government health plan while supporting Medicare.

"I umm... er umm... but umm. I hate MSNBC and y'all should, too."

pathickey said...

Lay off the glue, Son.

Anonymous said...

I dispise O'Donnell, but I think he has a point. Medicare, which I am on and Social Security also, are socialism. B

However, because I and fellow 70-year-olds have paid for 30-45 years for Medicare and SS, we think we are entitled to some pay-back or at least give us our constributions plus interest so we can buy our own care with the money that has been extracted from us all or most of our working lives.

We could forget insurance altogether and just use up our assets as necessary to pay for our final years. When the money runs out, it's charity or death. That is the hard-rock reality of nature and economics.


pathickey said...


You articulated your position very nicely.