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Kickin' It Old School With Billy Hill!! Night Life After Ken's on Western Like Billy Dec!

Hat Tip to Steve Rhodes' Beachwood Reporter for an insight to the unsightly and unctuous Billy Dec whose south side counter part oozes down Western Ave. -Meet Billy Hill!

All About Me:

Peabody nominated former Children's TV Cast Member ( Chuck Bill's Adventure Theatre - Voice of Herman the German Moose) , Dis-barred Illinois Attorney, Harvard Il.Business School.Llp, Chicago 2016 Olympic Committee Director of Way Too Human Relations, Slept with Elke Somer in 1978 when she appeared in Please Don't Eat the Daisies at the Martiniquel owns top Chicago Beverly/Morgan Park & Mt. Greenwood venues ,D.B.Mc Spitsteeth; Suds & Underwear Pub and Laundrymat, & won US Coin Operator of the Year! Check him out on the Yellow Pages, The Sign Over Fox's Pub & his blog

Kickin It Old School with Two-Ton Baker's Boy Madden:

When I was dropping quarters and dimes in the phone near Kean about hanging with jimmy fallon so many people freaked out! jimmy said "No Way!" so i know there are fans out there that will love this one... i love Jimmy fallon too, he is a huge chicago sport fan... which of course made the Olympics in chicago a no brainer for him to talk about to Billy dec who is the Orginal G of this and I'm crowding 60 now and had my best years when Boz owned reilly's daughter pub and banned me, before gangster billy dauber shot me and my date! (I also got my man love-muscle, drummer from the brian ferguson experience who plays at the glendora house in chicago ridge, in a killer interview coming soon). I have had the pleasure of being in 30 rock green rooms and backstage in the past when i got past security with con boyle who knew everyone, and every time, it's a completely intimidating example of the biggest in tv production at its greatest... but it didn't matter to jimmy, he told me to go #$%^ myself and i was all "dude I would if I could like the dog you know' he still would not drop anything to sit w/ me and get real about his love for chicago... enjoy! i'm no stranger to the strange if you get me. Mike Houlihan won't return my calls which is cool and neither will georgie wendt or mike keaton who was just in beverly for a movie. You can't swim with minnows. the number in chicago is - (773) TRY-U812.

This deep you ain't shallow -kickin' with Billy hill!

So i called the stage hand and road manager for Dick "two-ton" Baker*, Sonny Madden. we hungout and partied past 8p.m. at Jackie Casto's Ken**'s on western. don't think too many hotties didn't ask for a hook-up either - but it was not a night for the ladies it was all about music and the rush that is being a celebrity. Kickin with me is chicago! I kick with kessler and a C'Old Style. Don't drink 'n drive yo!

oh, and don't forget, I'm posting at least one new celebrity interview a day here until I land in Copenhagen, Ky.on oct. 2nd to hear the official announcement on the radio that (hopefully) chicago/usa wins the title of home to the 2016 olympics! how does that happen? you help spread the news! watch tv, pennysavers, go up to people you don't even know while walking at ridge mall, have the kids email blast,.. whatever you can to get everyone in your city, country, world,... to watch these videos and hear how great Chicago is (and the USA is in general), and hear how much we want to host this cultural, sport, and friendship strengthening celebration in our home country in 2016! The Olympics will be huge. . .to people backin' it so I am backin' it!

i'm too busy to punctuate - words -know what i mean. Kickin' it Old school!

* Dick "Two Ton" Baker was a Chicago Entertainment Legend who played at south side clubs like Casto's, Club El Bianco, Franklin House, Mirror Lounge and Mel Collins' Sea Breeze Lounge on Ashland Avenue:

Dick "Two Ton" Baker was a giant -- literally and figuratively -- on the Chicago entertainment scene for nearly four decades, from the late 1930s until his death in 1975. He played piano quite well and sang in a pleasing, infectious baritone voice, but mainly, he entertained, in whatever medium. He had several popular radio shows on on the Chicago Tribune's flagship station, WGN, one of which went out nationwide over the Mutual network. He was on the first television broadcast on WGN-TV (April 5, 1948), and later had very popular children's programs on that and other Chicago TV stations.

** One of the finest ( along with Schaller's Pump in Bridgeport) Old School Family Restaurants where a Billy Dec is shown the door in short order - no dweebs and no hipster doofii.NoteDescription of Ken's Restaurant
This ageless gem has been a mainstay on the strip for many years. Ken's solid menu features outstanding ribs and a scrumdillicious London broil in full meal or sandwich form. The bar rests in a separate room adjoining the restaurant and is a bit of a hangout for the older folks. In other words, this is where Beverly's career drinkers hang out.

Average cost: $10

10522 S. Western Ave., Chicago
Tel: (773) 238-0234
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