Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lipinski Tells Third District "Take Government Run Health and Like It!' Line in the Sand drawn for Danny by SEIU on July 1, 2009 - Yeah, That'll work?

I can not wait for reed-like Danny Lipinski, whose 3rd Congressional District is dominated by senior citizens and Catholics, to hold his Government Health Care townhall meeting.

Duck, Son! That's boiling water them Bushas are fixing to toss at you - Marquette Park Napalm! The odd shouts of wkurwiasz mnie ; co kurwa, do kurwy nędzy ! ; or in Lithuanian -Gaidzio pautai, galva and dve is, shudvezis! Mmm(1) Mmm(2) Mmmmnnn(3rd and final with a shake of the head.

Oh, well the XXXXXXLLL Purple T-Shirts guided by the XXS. Purple T-Shirted white guy with three Masters Degrees from University of Pennsylvania will be a huge help!

I hope Danny has one. You Tube would melt.

Here's Congressboy Lipinski's SEIU Marching Orders from July 1, 2008 on the SEIU funded graphic novel Progress Illinois:

Rep. Lipinski wasted no time drawing a line in the sand*, telling the 3rd Congressional District crowd that, in order to limit the cost of health care for individuals, small businesses, and the federal government, a public plan is a must.

But his support comes with a few caveats. Lipinski admits that employers may stop offering private insurance to workers if a government plan exists. "It all depends on how the public option is implemented," he said. And Lipinski prefers the "level-playing field option" championed by Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), in which the government-run plan would be granted no special advantages over private insurers, such as the ability to use Medicare's low rates or to access taxpayer subsidies.

*Wow an Alamo trope! How'd that work out for Travis, Danny Boy? Alamo Dan Lipinski!

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LL said...

Rep. Lipinski is a purile moron.