Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hoffman Gets Self -MichaelAxelroded! "BeHold! The Immortal Dave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Who talked this kid into it? This is rich. David Hoffman* enters the race for the Burris ( formerly Obama) U.S. Senate Seat after resigning as Chicago Inspector General and coming off as the new Jane Byrne in a handful of earnest Chicago Reader pieces. Props My Bruthah!

He'll get the Do-Gooder Lakefronters and the Chicago Cops to hold hands together in mutual detestation of Mayor Daley. Hoffman already has the media peeing themselves like no tomorrow - Abdon Pallasch ( click post title) is going like a cow on a flat rock for Hoffman! Marble Chiselled Dave'll take votes from Giannoulias and strengthen Cheryl Jackson's grip on the Chicago black vote. This had to make Alexi's sphincter snap shut and cause a beam of delight on Cheryl's kisser.

Dave Axelrod? That has got to cost you a lung! $ 10,000 a month minimum and 15% Media share at $5M? Lawd Have Mercy! Picture it! Slick ads with Bob Dylan singing 'Don't Follow Leaders and Watch the Parking Meters!' over photos of Daley/Blago & Alexi and Parking Meters. Dave will be like a marble sculpture of David with the Fleece of the Voters over his shoulders! Then, you will get the trade mark Axelrod Race Card! Cheryl Jackson will come off as a 19th Ward Irish Hooligan and Dave will be an Obama-like ascetic being assaulted by Alexi the Simon LeGreeK with a bull whip! Costs much.

I like Alexi Giannoulias and think he has done a good job as Treasurer. I hope he wins the primary and buries the smarmy jerk Rep. Kirk of the GOP in the race. The GOP of Illinois is yet saddled with candidates like Rep. Kirk and will, therefore, blow their political toes to atoms yet again. Had me a Yet Squared in that there sentence.

Illinois State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias had a one on one with a strong black woman - head of the Urban League and Blagojevich insider - as if that were not tough enough; now, a media darling with a thick wallet and a concrete busting metaphorical hard-on for Mayor Daley and All Old Timey Big City Politics jumps into the race.

The President will get about as close to this race as he will to Cindy Sheahan's Camp Casey II on Martha's Vineyard.

David Hoffman must have soooooooommmmee money machine out back, or some (sum)heavy-weight political playboys backing his play.

Comb-over Dave Axelrod's mutuels are out of this world! Praise Jesus!

For his campaign, Hoffman has hired a political consulting firm founded by Democratic media guru David Axelrod, a longtime strategist for Daley. Axelrod left the firm to become political director for President Barack Obama, who gave up the Senate seat in winning the White House.

Hoffman said he did not speak to Axelrod about his plans, and Axelrod said neither he nor anyone at the White House had anything to do with recruiting Hoffman to run.

Hoffman said he did not think using Axelrod's former firm, now known as AKPD Message and Media, would undermine his anti-establishment message that he is running against "insiders and special interests."

"I am someone who cares passionately about the importance of independence," said Hoffman, who also was a member of the ethics reform commission formed by Gov. Pat Quinn in the wake of the Blagojevich scandal. "I would not have signed on [with the firm] if I thought it would compromise that."

Hoffman would not say how he planned to raise funds or name any of his backers. But he acknowledged he likely would be outspent in the campaign. "I haven't been a political person, but I don't think I'm naive about the realities of politics," he said. "I don't think having the biggest war chest necessarily translates into winning."
Uh,huh. . .Dave, Please!

* Statement from the Inspector General's Office

August 26, 2009 - David Hoffman today announced his resignation as Inspector General for the City of Chicago. The day-to-day operations of the Inspector General's Office (IGO), however, will remain unchanged. Under the direction of First Deputy Inspector General Mary Hodge, the IGO will continue its work as an independent body, dedicated to ensuring honesty and integrity in City government by investigating corruption, fraud, misconduct, and waste.

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