Tuesday, August 18, 2009

MSNBC Puppet Roger "Jowls" Simon Asks About President Obama's "Guts?" Is Rupert Murdoch Hiring?

"Sometimes it is not enough to have just your heart and your head in the right place. You have to have your guts there, too." Roger "Jowls" Simon August 18, 2009 -" Please, let it be him! . . .Rupert??! Thanks for taking my . . .Rupert? . . .Bill? Shep? Hello? Dang."

Roger Simon was a lightweight newspaper guy in Chicago about the same time that Dave Axelrod was a lightweight newspaper guy in Chicago. Roger Simon's old column art posed him to be an earnest clean-cut black crew-neck sweater with a white shirt and both collars pointing to the tips of his desert boots wearing kind of guy. The kind of guy that got the absolute crap beat out of him at Pete's Guiding Light Tap at 63rd & Pulaski. This I know because, I got the absolute crap knocked out me at Pete's Guiding Light Tap for wearing a blue crew neck sweater while tending bar for Pete Marin and that got Hawaiian Dave mad - " You Crazy! Hot Sweater'smakemesosickIKeeelyou!"

Now Roger Simon is given to Hart Marx Suits and has more chins than a Chinese Phone book.

Roger Simon is a proud member of MSNBC Big Top of Clowns that have managed to sink a cable network and pop more light-bulbs for GE than a homer hitting the scoreboard at Wrigley Field by Bob Redford!

Roger pops up on his hind legs and gives assent to whatever magic Matthews, Olberbloat or Maddow toss up to Joan Walsh, Gene Robinson, and Jowly Roger. Today, Roger has written a real snapping piece of Dog Yummy Treatsure to 'Wow the Gang' at some other network cable operation, before the Simonizing begins at MSNBC.

In this Politico piece Jowly Roger questions President Obama's tripes. Not good, Son! Why Roger, only last year you were Relentless in your Praise of then Candidate Barack Obama and since then an ardent acolyte! Why lookee here!


Could be that as the President's popularity cork-screws, MSNBC's cash cow no longer milks - "Time For ME To Fly!!!!"

Click me post title for Roger Simon's search for new employment on some other Cable News outlet.

Let's Play Hardball! Countdown! Big Ed's a Coming, Roger and he's bringing Butch Maddow!

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0809/26197_Page2.html#ixzz0OXmn1SQU

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