Tuesday, August 25, 2009

BGA's Andy Shaw Clouted His Kids into Magnet Schools, But NOW it's a Scandal. Scandalous, Shocking and Oh, So Progressive.

Beachwood Reporter's publisher, editor and scalpel sharp wit, Steve Rhodes, a rock-ribbed Liberal of the Old School, plucked this gem out of the same old manure that passes for Chicago Journalism:

By Steve Rhodes

Mayor Daley recently half-joked that the burgeoning CPS clout scandal at least showed that some Chicago schools had become so desirable during his tenure that parents and politicians were willing to cheat to get their kids admitted into them.

But Marj Halperin's 1988 Chicago magazine article called "The Lottery" - which she recently shared with District 299 blogger Alexander Russo - shows that clout admissions and the controversial "principal picks" now under federal investigation pre-date the Richard M. Daley era.

Here's how Halperin opened her piece:

"Governor Thompson got his kid in. So did state representatives Ellis Levin and Al Ronan. You'll find the daughter of Alderman Patrick O'Connor, head of the City Council's education committee, in a magnet classroom this year. Alderman Ed Smith's, too.

"TV reporter Andy Shaw's daughters are in LaSalle Language Academy, the same as one-time Chicago Sting soccer star Karl Heinz Granitza's children. Monroe Anderson, the Mayor's press secretary and a former Newsweek reporter, sends his son to Inter-American Magnet. Perhaps if he drops Scott off himself, Anderson gives a nod to some of the Board of Ed employees, who also send their children to Inter-American - such as Margarita Rosa, of the board's research and evaluation office. Fernando Colon got his daughter in while working for the board's law department.


This morning, I read that the Principal of Whitney Young has been subpoenaed to appear before a Federal Grand Jury on clout for classes!

This nonsense was kicked into overdrive by the mopes who are too lazy to really follow a lead. The same hypocrites who gave padded jobs to Bernadine Dorhn and Billy Ayers were huffing and puffing about the smell of clout at the University of Illinois. They were demanding immediate resignations ( Can I get a Harrumph?) of Trustees and rending their garments that 'No Such Clout Actions Took Place on Their Watches! ( I Didn't Hear a Harrumph From That Guy.Abner! Let Me Hear a Harrumph!).

The Newly Minted BGA Watch Pup, Andy ('What Floor?') Shaw clouted his kids into a school and is now sniffing out corruption? The two Brooks Brothers Bolsheviks who ran University of Illinois (Urbana & CC) who clouted the Underground Nick and Nora Charles into padded sinecures at Northwestern and UICC and padlocked any information on their actions are Howling out Jeremiads?

Progressive Hypocrisy makes Bathhouse John Coughlin and Hinky Dink Kenna seem like Trappist Monks.

Well done Steve Rhodes!

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