Thursday, August 27, 2009

Abortion Had a Friend in Ted - Planned Parenthood Says Goodbye to Camelot Catholics

Ted Kennedy Loved the Ladies and the Gals of Planned Parenthood loved him back!

Kennedys did not cower before the Catholic Church. Old Joe Kennedy sneered at Commandments and Cardinals with a bootlegger's glee and movie mogul's appetite for combat with convention. He defty lobotomized a daughter, like any one else would peel an apple. Joe wanted it done and it By God got done. Kennedy's don't cry; they create myths and foundations. Politics was Rome. When it spoke it was always ex cathedra.

Abortion has been a growth industry in America since Great Depression and Planned Parenthood is the corporate headquarters that doles out millions of dollars to politicians in need.

Ted Kennedy could go to Mass, receive the Eucharist and celebrate the culture of Catholicism.

Like many politicians, the need to win elections and garner support usurps the conscience that makes cowards of the rest of us. Ted Kennedy, according to MSNBC Soupy-Salesman Chris Matthews, is not the last Kennedy Brother. President Obama is the Last Kennedy, which may come as a surprise to the other Camelot Survivors - hither and yon.The Gals of Planned Parenthood offer this great send-off to the top of their ticket, but they still have the President. Abortion continues to be the growth industry that makes dowagers feel like real women and kills innocent children. Hey, what would Old Joe do?

"Senator Kennedy was a pioneer champion of health care reform. He understood that in order to live the American dream every American first needs to be healthy, and that access to affordable, quality health care is critical to that goal. He was also a true champion of women's health and rights, believing strongly that women should have equal access to opportunities including education, jobs, and health care.

"Senator Kennedy's absence at this time in our nation's struggle to ensure all Americans have access to the health care they deserve is profound. We will miss his heartfelt commitment to reform, his leadership in our effort, and most of all his friendship."


Anonymous said...

Brilliant stuff, Pat, brilliant. In addition to being a murderer of improvident young women from my state of Pennsylvania, he also supported other women who wanted to destroy human life. May he rest in pieces.

Anonymous said...

Planned Parenthood has an even bigger friend in Dan Hynes.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see that you are the be all and end all on the abortion issue. Many Catholic women have a much different viewpoint than yours.
Ted Kennedy was many things, in particular an imperfect human being who championed many programs that are near and dear to the Catholic Church. None of us know what he did or did not confess when he received his last rights.
You need to learn tolerance and humility, and quit trying to be the all knowing wizard behind the curtain.

pathickey said...

Many Catholic woman find it a nice thing to have the right to bump off a child and toss off a euphemism.

A careful reader, even a sloppy reader giving these notes a perfunctory once-over will note that the author has less than an exalted sense of self; however, a parser needs no such vision as the death of unwanted children gets mopped up with 'woman's reproductive health issues.'

I'll be fine thanks - so long as I don't clip my toe nails over a morning bowl of cornflakes.