Thursday, August 06, 2009

Barbara Boxer on Hard Ball - Sartor Resartus

Here are two photos of the Town-hall Health Care protestors taken over the last week. One, presents the Green Bay, WI Fashionistas and on the other are Tea-baggers from Raleigh, NC sporting haute couture . Click my post title for the Spartan Sack-Cloth of Senator Barbara Boxer damning these snappy boulevardiers as they exercise their Patrician First Amendment Rights. "Damn their, eyes!"

MSNBC and the Boiled Beets Progressive Universe is a-howl with objections that these well-turned-out-clothes horses are the paid hirelings of the Insurance Blackguards and the GOP. The Republicans as far as I have experienced could not lead a parade of drunks to an open bar. Hey, I'm a Chicago Democrat, what can I tell you.

The Democrats have split their britches and America is laughing at them and well they should. The Tailor needs re-tailoring.

"The gladder am I, on the other hand, to do reverence to those Shells
and outer Husks of the Body, wherein no devilish passion any longer
lodges, but only the pure emblem and effigies of Man: I mean, to Empty,
or even to Cast Clothes. Nay, is it not to Clothes that most men do
reverence: to the fine frogged broadcloth, nowise to the 'straddling
animal with bandy legs' which it holds, and makes a Dignitary of? Who
ever saw any Lord my-lorded in tattered blanket fastened with wooden
skewer? Nevertheless, I say, there is in such worship a shade
of hypocrisy, a practical deception: for how often does the Body
appropriate what was meant for the Cloth only! Whoso would avoid
falsehood, which is the essence of all Sin, will perhaps see good
to take a different course. That reverence which cannot act without
obstruction and perversion when the Clothes are full, may have free
course when they are empty. Even as, for Hindoo Worshippers, the Pagoda
is not less sacred than the God; so do I too worship the hollow cloth
Garment with equal fervor, as when it contained the Man: nay, with more,
for I now fear no deception, of myself or of others."
Thomas Carlyle - Sartor Resartus, Chapter VI Old Clothes.

The Party Line is cut from some very flimsy cloth. Watch Senator Barbara Boxer's patchwork with needleman Chris "Milky" Matthews on MSNBC - click my post title.

The Democratic National Committe has long been in the hands of Goofs ( Howard Dean is a Champion Goof) and goofs are essentially delicate intellects with very bad tempers who require complete attention for their points of view. While they demand attention, they loudly shout down and insult any one or any idea that threatens their point of view. Thus, Health Care and Government Run Health Care. Bad idea.

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LL said...

As one of Sen. Boxer's constituents (yes, I live in the land of fruits & nuts), I can assure you that this elitist Senator has no time at all for anyone's opinion but her own.

You're right, though. Without a viable alternative and leadership from Conservative America, the socialists will stay in office and will pursue their agenda of collectivism and bigger government.