Saturday, August 29, 2009

Joel Weisman - A Tuba Joins a String Quartet of Chicago Talent

Joel Weisman on the Friday Edition of WTTW -Wilmette Talking to Winnetka -Chicago Tonight seems to be channeling MSNBC's Chris 'Milkey' Matthews. White noise.

I was stunned to see four great guest panelists on Chicago Tonight. While my daughter Clare was doing St. Rita Cheerleading stuff with the like-minded and spirited young ladies from the neighborhood, I chanced to see four -not just good -panelists on Chicago Tonight, but four great panelists.

News Legend Bob Crawford - a WBBM radio reporter who always gets it right

Nesita Kwan - A solid and clever NBC correspondent

Kate Grossman - a Chicago Education journalist for the Sun Times who speaks as well as she writes.

Dan McGrath - Chicago Tribune senior sports writer and the absolute best prose craftsman in journalism.

This line-up of genuine Chicago talent is like having the greatest Haydn String Quartet be joined by Joel and his Golden Tuba! Hey! Let's Polka to Haydn! Go for Baroque!

Jesus Christ! Everytime Bob Crawford presented a cogent analysis on Illinois politics, Kate Grossman cut through the nonsense surrounding the Clouting of CPS, Nesita Kwan silked the substance of dangers to our health , or the witty Dan McGrath hit for fences on Milton Bradley or the chances of 2009 Sox, Joel Weisman blows loudly to implode the music of great thoughts and sucks the intelligence and oxygen out of the room. Well, it is public TV.

Chris Matthews the braying jackass of MSNBC must have offered his playbooks to Jolly Joel.

Let's hear the panelists! Shut the Duck Up, Joel - your inner Duck! Keep him there.

Click my post title and watch a souffle drop because of Joel's Tuba playing to no one in particular.

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