Friday, March 16, 2012

Vote Aurelia Pucinski - Stop Boss Cosgrove's Personal Pac Control of Illinois Supreme Court

Boss Cosgrove Explains his mastership of Illinois to Personal Pac Pal Jane Fonda.

Personal Pac's Boss Terry Cosgrove follows up Aurelia Pucinski's press conference to counter the smear of Planned Parenthood to her campaign for Chief Justice Thomas Fitzgerald's seat on the Illinois Supreme Court.

Terry Cosgrove is the man who tells Governor Pat Quinn what Illinois must do.

Theis said that when she was appointed in 2010 to replace the retired Justice Thomas Fitzgerald, it was the culmination of her life's work.

Records show Theis' campaign received donations from Chicago names such as former congressman and judge Abner Mikva and author Scott Turow.

This week, Pucinski criticized Theis for a mailing sent out by Personal PAC, which donates to candidates who it believes support abortion rights. Theis said she did seek the endorsement of the group, but was careful to tell the organization she would not comment on any issue that could wind up before the court, such as parental notification of abortion.

The group has spent tens of thousands of dollars on three glossy mailings touting Theis' experience and suggesting Pucinski is unqualified.

Pucinski contends she is qualified, particularly citing her time in circuit court handling domestic violence cases, and said the mailing amounts to an issue-advocacy group injecting itself in a campaign for a post that is supposed to be above politics.

Both Brendan O'Sullivan of the Theis campaign and Terry Cosgrove, president of Personal PAC, said there has been no coordination between the organizations on the mailing.

For all of the hand-wringers worried about what to do about Illinois corruption, watch the video and then vote for Aurelia Pucinski.

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