Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Carol Marin Shilling For a Daley Grilling with Flint Taylor

If you are confused by the conflicting stories and waves of faux outrage concerning the 17 year old shot and killed in Sanford, Florida, you are supposed to be.

Sadly, the attention span for too many, but certainly not most Americans, is smaller than a Chicago columnist's ethical capacity. Real reporters get the news to people.

Most people recall several of America's leading race baiters and the race-centric pooches they collectively screwed: Jesse " Cut His Nuts Off" Jackson's and Crown Heights Al " Punkass Faggot"Sharpton - the lads who taught our President how to Hot Mic it:

1. Decatur Seven
2. Tawana Brawley
3. Crown Heights arson and murder
4. Duke La Crosse
5. Jena Nooses
6. Beer Summit

Not to mention Calypso Louis Farrakahn 24/7/365.

Anytime these goofs show up you can be sure that any issue touted as Race Issue of Century will implode. They are as magical to nonsense as MSNBC.

The real danger to truth remains with those considered to be legitimate journalists.
Here in Chicago there is no shortage of litmus tested Progressive goofs with columns.
Carol Marin, it seems to me, is the most successful and shameless.

Today, she hops into G. Flint Taylor's warm and snuggy Burge pouch. G. Flint Taylor, a monstrously talented slug of human being, has enlisted Carol Marin to further the Peoples Law Office pursuit of more tax dollars. Here is a gem out of Carol's box of nuggets.

For those who remain unmoved by the injustice ( Me! I'm very sceptical and 'unmoved' by the narrative, for example), the shame and the stain of a rogue band of white police officers who from 1972 to 1991 suffocated, beat and electro-shocked black male suspects to “persuade” them to confess — a fact no longer debated — there is another reason to care.

A Fact No Longer Debated? By whom? Ms. Marin that is one hugely debatable statement that lacks . . . facts. Name one police officer charged, much less convicted of police torture. Can't. Never happened and never will, because the Burge Torture Mythology demands no closure. There is no money in closure; no articles from John Conroy, Sasha Abramsky; no more chilling narratives of the House of Screams no one seemed to hear within its walls (you know, custodians, station hangers-on, pests, criminals, reporters, ADAs, visitors, or cops - of every hue and p[oint of view).

Jon Burge was painted into a tight corner by the ever patient G. Flint Taylor - Reds are very patient. Jon Burge is in Federal Prison because of perjury.

G. Flint Taylor should call Daley and anyone else involved in the Burge case - how about

1. Bernardine Dorhn who crafted the Electronic Torture Tale. I credit the odious Ms. Dorhn, the smarter and far more dangerous half of Billy Ayers, with G. Flint Taylor's media stink bait to lure the press and mythopoeically create the Burge Torture Narrative - the electronic testicle zapper that G. Flint Taylor had built and was allowed to bring to court. Who built that goofy gizmo for G. Flint anyway - it was not Urban Translator Wally Gator Bradley. Shoot, he and G. Flint were last seen wrassling on the court house floor for nickels and dimes.

Call Ms. Dohrn to witness and back track on the journalistic break crumbs leading to Dohrn's early posit that torture was systemic.

decades ago with the help of . . .

2. Sasha Abramsky of Mother Jones magazine who helped

3. The Many, many, many paged reports of John Conroy and ABC 7's Team Coverage which dropped breadcrumbs away from the forest for the trees, like the Boy Scout who said he SAW Burge Torture . . . Frank Sirtoff:

Sirtoff’s scout leader, Martin W. Conroy, who retired as a detective in 1995, says he remembers Sirtoff and the other boy “frequently visited at the youth division”. By telephone from his home in Texas, Conroy said, “I believe them. Why would they make it up?”

On Burge being at 39th and California that day, Conroy said, “If outside detectives made an arrest in Area 3, they might come there for an interrogation or to take part in it.”

Attorney Flint Taylor has represented alleged victims in 10 torture-related lawsuits

Frank Sirtoff, now in his 40s, lives in La Salle County, IL when last noted in the crime notes of the Ottawa papers - the poor man has had more than few brushes with the law. However, I am sure that he would make a very compelling witness. He was all the rage a few years ago, when G. Flint Taylor and his pet columnists impugned the character of Judges Boyle and Egan, but no an inconvenient truth.

Like the Trayvon Martin imbroglio, the truth about the Burge saga lies buried under the collective works and words of sneaks and opportunists.

Iconic news personalities and columnists play all over the field and toss race cards in order to keep thick paydays a-coming. As long as G. Flint Taylor goes unchallenged by a credible journalist in this town, the Burge Mythology will make Cadillac Commies wealthier and race relations impassable.

The Jon Burge Mythology parallels the Martin, Decatur, Crown Heights, Jena, and Beer Summit screw-ups.

Carol Marin is shilling for G. Flint Taylor and the Burge Mythology.

There is no money to be made in basic fairness, much less the pursuit of truth.

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