Monday, March 19, 2012

Pro Life and Pro Labor - Vote Tony Martin: Abortion is the Original Hate Crime

Why any 19th Ward Candidate would accept the blood money from Personal PAC much less the marching orders for Personal PAC's Boss Terry Cosgrove plum evades me. Get a load of this posturing bully, Terry Cosgrove:

My State Representative for years was Kevin Joyce, who demanded that his successor to his seat be Anti-Abortion. Kevin Joyce was replaced by Billy Cunningham who is exchanging that seat for Ed Maloney's vacancy in the Senate.

Fran Hurley is running for Kevin Joyce's seat, but has accepted the endorsement of Illinois power broker, Boss Terry Cosgrove and Planned Parenthood's shady but wealthy Personal PAC. That is a head-scratcher to me.

How in God's name, anyone wanting to be Representative for this 35th Legislative District that includes much of the 19th Ward and Worth Township - Home to the South Side Irish Parade and fierce families of union people who detest Abortion - is beyond me.

That said, Anthony Martin is running for the seat. Mr. Martin is pro-real labor and anti-Abortion. People bad-mouth Mike Madigan like they actually had a clue about him, but remain hushed up about Terry Cosgrove's control of political power. Tony Martin, a family man, anti-Abortion, traditional marriage Catholic and Chicago firefighter seems like a Kevin Joyce-like candidate.

Illinois is not broken, it needs to be managed better. My name is Anthony Martin, and I’m running for state representative of the 35th District here in Illinois because someone needs to step up and face the challenges confronting our state. I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself and why I’m asking for your support.

As a husband, father of four, lifelong Mt. Greenwood resident, a Chicago Fire Lieutenant, and member of Chicago Fire Fighters Union Local 2 for over 23 years, nothing is more important to me than ensuring our state government runs efficiently, fulfills its obligations to our community, and plays a role in putting people back to work. As a former president and current four-term trustee on the Chicago firefighter’s pension fund, I confronted challenges created by an under-funded pension system. Every month, families in our community stick to a budget to make ends meet. As your State Representative, I’ll make sure Springfield does the same. I’ll fight for the people of this state by facing our challenges in an efficient and responsible manner, cutting fraud and waste, and finding effective solutions to Illinois’ challenges.

Is Abortion a litmus test for public office? Yes. It sure should be. The real vetting process will conclude tomorrow.

What are the powers that be in the 19th Ward thinking? Oh, that's right - no one asked me. Well, I sure have no idea, but I used to.

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