Saturday, March 24, 2012

Chicago Media Follow Orders - No Coverage of Religious Liberty Rally Yesterday

Obama 2012 Campaign is deathly afraid of these people.

There were no less than a thousand people in Federal Plaza Protesting the Obama HHS Mandate.
One estimate had the crowd at 2,000, but I believe that it was a bit shy of that.

There was absolutely no Chicago Media coverage - yesterday or today; by that I mean the two big news dailies - The Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun Times.The Obama 2012 Campaign hopes to spend a billion dollars to get President Obama re-elected - the Chicago media is invested.

Both papers dutifully reported on a small march to protest the death of a Florida kid, whose tragic and horrific killing is no less soul-sucking as the daily gang-banger slaughters of babies and cops, but is now the national template for scab-pulling. The Obama regime has declared war on religious liberty and the media have eaten up its narrative. Obama is embarrassed and frightened by his very actions and intent and it seems to me, wants the issue clouded and quick. President Obama is the Federal government.

The Catholic Bishops and many, many other relligious leaders understand the threat that is the HHS Mandate and called for people of faith to rally against it. Rally they did, without any support or coverage from the Chicago Media.

The Federal court building cut the power to the stage and most of the speeches were given over bullhorns. Then the US Post Office offered electrical power. Fair enough.

The real story about the Rally for Religious Liberty is the Chicago Media going Syria on the truth.

The Media fills the buffet of bullshit that the public is invited to dine upon. It is heaping board. The Chicago Media has been flat out in support of Barack Obama from 2008 through his first term. What has Chicago, much less Illinois, benefited from an Obama Presidency? FEMA won't fund storm damaged Illinois towns. Chicago has the highest gas prices in America. Real Labor, not SEIU or their coalitions of low and unskilled workers unions, is hobbled. Property taxes are in the stratosphere. Black and Hispanic kids are gunned down in Chicago streets hourly and Police are sued by Obama lawyers. But, Obama is President.

I believe that Dave Axelrod and his cadre of spin-merchants and bundlers gave the Trib and the Sun Times orders to lay down. And lay down they did.

The Truth is the first casualty in war. The Mandate, The Obama Regime, and the compliant media stand proof of that fact.

Americans can handle the truth; it would be soul-stirring if the news media would provide even the most basic of facts: like, a rally was held in Federal Plaza on March 23rd at noon to protest the HHS Mandate and rally for religious liberty.

Not too tough, that.

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