Thursday, March 01, 2012

Marxist Ralph Martire's Progressive Whack-a-Mole Illinois Legislation

Marxist Brother Ralph Martire explains his latest budget wizardry to Groucho Quinn and Harpo Cullerton.

Ralph Martire of the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability, is the only one Pat Quinn goes to for budget advise with the facts on saving us all some money

Get ready, friends and neighbors, Ralph Martire must have had snacks and punch with Dawn Clark Netsch because Ralph's Ist Term Snooze is over! Ralph Martire is the budget architect of Illinois. Splendid job, there Ralph. Ralph is the Chico Marx to Pat Quinn's Groucho. Ralph has been quiet of late, but he is not done. . .not by a Jug full! Nope Jackie Cullerton is fronting for Ralph with a GRADUATED ILLINOIS INCOME TAX!

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. -- An Illinois budget group wants to change the state constitution so that income tax rates can be based on wealth.
The Center for Tax and Budget Accountability says a graduated rate would tax people more fairly and produce more money for the state's troubled budget.
The liberal-leaning budget group also says it could stimulate the economy by offering tax relief to poor and middle class families.

The same splendid folks who made Religious Liberty a Civil Union are back!

Pat Quinn's budget is as sound as Illinois! But, that's not enough! There's More!

It is so keen that SEIU Illinois ( did they not help create our economic mess? Oh Hell Yes!) is all over it!

Still, Ralph Martire, executive director for CTBA, says that the graduated tax “actually has political legs.”

The reason is that the 2011 income tax increase from three percent to five percent expires in 2015. “They made it temporary and the state knows that they can’t afford to get rid of it,” Martire explains.

So it would be politically popular, Martire contends, to push for a graduated tax: The revenues would stave off painful cuts and the vast majority of citizens would still see an income tax cut.

“There is going to be a lot of organizing in the next couple of years over the need to do this from an economic policy, tax policy, and fairness standpoint,” Martire promises.

Perhaps the most powerful state leader for the graduated tax is Senate President John Cullerton. Cullerton spokesman Ron Holmes notes that the Chicago Democrat was one of 19 to vote 'yes' for a progressive tax in 2008 in the 60-person Senate.

Here it is - No more Flat Tax of 5%. Ralph taking page from our Class Warrior President, formerly Mr. Present of the Illinois State Senate, and offering a 3% to Illini making under $250,000 and a Taxing Something Else for everyone else. Do the Math as Ralph knows you will not - hence his pie-chart piracy, where numbers are a moveable feast.

1. Cut overall state income tax burden for 94 percent of all taxpayers—that means on average, taxpayers with under $150,000 in annual base income would receive a tax cut;

2. Despite shifting tax burden to affluent taxpayers, nonetheless keep the effective state income tax rate for millionaires at just 4.3 percent;

3. Raise at least $2.4 billion annually in new revenue to help eliminate ongoing structural deficits in the state’s General Fund; and

4. Stimulate the growth of at least 36,000 jobs in the state’s private sector through enhanced public and consumer spending. As of August, 2011, Illinois hasn’t replaced 342,000 non-farm jobs it lost during the Great Recession.

Sounds Great! It always sounds great. Trouble is Ralph Martire has masterminded the hole Illinois will be climbing out of until Forrest Claypool gets a job on his own hook.

Ralph operates on the premise that taxpayers never pay enough of the their fair share. Taxpayers are the only revenue Illinois legislators ever consider. The ever popular. . . More!

Ralph thinks like Chico Marx.

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