Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Fight for the Cure With the Boxers of St. Baldrick's - Sat. 3-7 PM at Bourbon Street

Eric Owens vs. Logan Plantz SuperHeavyweights -Really?

These two dreadnaughts will touch gloves and each other. My pal Eric Owens will graduate this Mother's Day from Leo High School. Big E is off to college in the fall well-armed with the Leo Spirit of Giving. Our guys from Mike Joyce's Leo Boxing Club will square off with Celtic Boxers, Marty McGarry's Boxers and many, many other great amateur and pro talents all on the same card to knock-out cancer.

Come on out Saturday for a full afternoon of sport, fellowship, food and fun at the most generous venue on the south side 115 Bourbon Street. There is not a weekend goes by, that 115 Bourbon Street does not help sick kids, suffering families and causes that really matter.

If you can't join us go to the donation website for St. Badrick's Right Cheer!

Or, dial them up at (888) 899-BALD extension (2253)and make a handsome drop. make it is handsome as Tommy Zbikowski of the Baltimore Ravens and the Sqaure Ring of the Sweet Science.

Make it as handsome as Dicky Eklund who is always ringside for anyone, especially kids, who can use a powerful punch of aid.

Event St. Baldricks Fight for a Cure A Good Time for a Great Cause

Saturday March 10th 3:00-7:30

115 Bourbon Street 3359 west 115th street

Open bar, buffet, raffles, headshaving, St. Patrick's Day queen and court, music and live boxing

Featuring boxers from Leo High School, Celtic Boxing Club, McGarry Boxing Club and Southside Knockout

$25 Donation

All money raised goes to the St. Baldricks Foundation which is the largest fundraiser for childrens cancer research

If you can not attend and would like donate please visit and search Fight for a Cure

For more info please contact Trish O'sullivan 708-536-0003

Click My Post Title for a Great VIDEO

DONATE On LINE - I did - it is THAT simple.

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