Monday, March 26, 2012

No Fear Here - Americans v. Journalists. Scaroin? Really?

Initium sapientiæ est timor Domini Proverbs 9:10/Pslams 111:10/Acts of the Apostles 17:11

Well, four years ago you’d never heard of hopium, either. Then my colleague John Kass identified it as the drug being peddled by then Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama — a mellowing narcotic named for Obama’s relentless though unoriginal invocations of hope; a powerful political sedative that obliterated cynicism and left voters blissfully optimistic about the power of one man to transform and unite our nation. . . . Scaroin has nearly the opposite effect.

It’s not smoked, snorted, inhaled or injected. Rather it’s transmitted via stump speeches of Republican presidential candidates, notably the passages in which they attempt to scare voters with dystopian visions of the crumbling fascist nation that will be the United States of America if Obama is re-elected.
Eric Zorn

Fear is a now a political trope for the motivation to oppose goofy policy. Goofy is a very subjective adjective, don't you think? However, what adjective is not?

According to too many columnists and far too many 'reporters' subjectivity is the order of the day. Instead of considering the facts, they play at being little John Deweys in the Global Lab.

The template today is fear. One is fearful, timorous, vicious, superstitious, and foolish if one believes that it is murder to kill an unborn child, that sex, procreation and the ultimate expression of love is merely a lifestyle, that success is predetermined by race, inherited wealth, and never by achievement. One is timorous and quaking with rattles of terror unless one is a Progressive Secularist.

Well, Call me scared stiff!

BTW - Hopium was a hit because it is a true, accurate, and a very witty reflection of an original thought concerning a very hollow man in public life - President Obama. Nice suit; nothing inside.

Scaroin? It is to laugh, Eric. A lame racehorse ain't a Triple Crown contender.That said, I am afraid that I need to get to the barbershop. Could stand a trim.

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