Sunday, March 25, 2012

Obama's Boring Rhetoric - Flat Earthers and Herring Chokers

Punching Above His Weight and Beyond His Pay Grade

I was underwhelmed by Barack Obama years ago, as a candidate for Congress, State Senator, South Side Irish Parade-walker, and he has lived up to my expectations as President.

Barack Obama always struck me as someone who told the same story, over and over and over and over. Jim Bowman, a Chicago newsman of great repute, posted this Danish observation about President Obama's Boring Rhetoric, once termed soaring rhetoric.

That boxing trope reminded me of the time I was handling the Illinois State Senator Barack Obama at the Lexington House at an amateur boxing night. My task was to bring celebrity trophy presenters to the square ring after a bout in order to award the pugilists. Senator Obama asked me, "Where's the gate?"

No, Senator, you climb through the ropes.

" I see."

Me too.

Man, even the herring chokers ( Swedes, Danes, Norwegians and other Vikings) know a flat fish when they catch one.

By the way, Yanks, how many times have you heard the "flat-earth" yarn these last two weeks?

The poor man has the personality of a dial tone.

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