Sunday, March 25, 2012

I'm With Rahm! Don't Blow Town -Send the Kids to Catholic Schools

Mayor Rahm snug with Leo Catholic High School Heroes!

Don’t head for the doors when your kid’s in fifth grade or sixth grade — for the suburbs — because the city of Chicago is going to give you a high-quality life with a high-quality education for your children,” said Emanuel, speaking in his office and flanked by Chicago Public Schools CEO Jean-Claude Brizard.

Chicago's mayor wants Chicago's middle class to stick around and fears they are hitting the road south, west and north out of town because CPS stinks.

The middle class ( cops, firemen, CTA drivers,Postal Workers, UPS folks & etc.) will never come up with the scratch to go to Chicago Lab, Francis Parker, Latin School, or even St. Iggy. Most Catholic Schools are not as expensive as St. Ignatius and are affordable. Leo High School's student body is comprised of kids from low-income families and every senior soon graduate has been accepted into a college program.

I agree with Mayor Rahm and Jean Claude, stick around, but send the kids to Catholic Schools -Chicago is packed with Catholic Schools -that is unless Obama gets his HHS Mandate shoved down our throats.

There's Catholic Schools aplenty. The cost of re-locating is brutal. There is as much crime in Hill Crest, Country Club Hills or Orland Park as there is in Englewood, or Scottsdale these days - did you read about motorcycle goof?

Chicago Public Schools stink on ice, Mayor Rahm and Jean Claude just admitted as much, Catholic schools (grammar and secondary) outperform CPS hands down at a fraction of the cost it takes not to have a kid graduate from high school, much less read above a 5th grade level.

Chicago is a great town! Stick around and send the kids to Catholic Schools - they'll get educated and learn not to do wildings and flash mobs at Rock & Roll McDonalds.

What sort of education do you want for your child? What sort of future do you want? It isn’t easy to answer those questions, but the answers really matter. And the school you choose can make a real difference.

Our schools provide many things that other schools don’t or can’t. We invite you to take some time to see what we believe in, see what we believe is important, and visit some of our schools before you make a decision.

We look forward to meeting you, welcoming you, and introducing you to the faith, focus, and achievement that Catholic Schools offer.

If you would like to speak with Catholic school parents near you to hear how their children are benefiting, fill out this form and we'll make that connection for you.

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