Saturday, March 03, 2012

The Greatest Two Hander of All

" I wear the white socks only to hold down the smell from my gravel agitators, Baby. Glad you asked. The Catalinas are a band that counts. They're from over by Mendel. Play your cards right and I'll give you a tour of the wrestling mats."

Yes, Sir. In the words of a sage chum, " All that I can and the easy ones twice."

In 1967, a Cincinatti group The Casinos ( led by Gene Hughes included Bob Armstrong, Ray White, and Pete Bolton)released one of the all-time great two handers, probably the best - Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye - the was the same year as the Summer of Love and Sgt. Pepper. go figure.

A Two-hander was a slow dance. The one that was romantic to young ladies and an lascivious delight to hormone fueled dweebs and dudes.

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