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Henry Van Not the Klan - Gay Networks War on Chicago's Cardinal George

Chris Pennock and event sponsors David Hollander and Henry van Ameringen at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Leadership Awards

Meet Henry Van Ameringen - Henry is helping fund the petition drive against Chicago's Cardinal George.

Cardinal George is now the target of a petition signed by 1,000 persons from around the country, as radical Gay activists mobilize their hearts, hands and voices in a national shriek.

With multi purpose Soros funded push by Change.Org - Gay Activists are doing their best to make Catholics uncomfortable. We're Okay. Thanks and Merry Christmas.

However, such actions and the very cooperative nature of a not very bright American media can confuse some people . . . who happen to be very confused from the get-go.

The fact is that the Roman Catholic Church sponsors more Gay friendly services than any LGBTQ Advocacy meet-up and shout center. Full Medical HIV-AIDS services, psychological services and counselling are available because the Catholic Church has been in the fore-front for Gays, just as it has been for children, battered women, convicts, the elderly, the disabled, the challenged and most of all the unborn.

Cardinal George spoke to two very limited context occupants, Mike Flannery and Dane Placko of Chicago Fox WFLD affiliate in Chicago. Mike Flannery is best known for his obsequious shadowing of President Obama and Dane Placko is noted for . . .having a job at Fox 32.

Cardinal George made the point that some Gay Activist employ rhetoric used by the KKK in the 1920's - it was virulently anti-Catholic. The Catholic Church is opposed to Gay Marriage and LGBTQ activists are anti-Catholic, including some Rainbow Sash members. Dane Placko asked Cardinal George, "What Rhetoric?"

Here is some found in the comments of the Chicago Tribune -

Thinker1 at 2:06 PM December 23, 2011
He should resign or be reassigned to where he can spout his hatred without anyone having to listen to it.
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Ned_Flaherty at 12:14 PM December 23, 2011
The Catholic Church is just as much a hate group as the Klan is, wasting tens of millions of dollars trying to suppress, oppress, demean, degrade, and deny all LGBT citizens of all faiths.
Jesus would never have collected or spent Catholic riches this way; instead, He would have provided food, clothing, shelter, health care, and education to those who need it most.
"Demonstrating in the streets" is a time-honored American principle, and nothing that any religious leader has any right to prohibit, prevent, or proscribe.
Chicago Archbishop Cardinal Francis George, like most of his colleagues, is at least 60 years out of date. The "Gay Liberation" he fears began in the 1960s and finished in the 1970s. It was succeeded by gay rights in the 1980s, civil rights in the 1990s, and human rights in the 2000s. Cardinal George thinks it’s still the 1950s.
The dirty little secret feared by the cardinal and his cronies is that if gays ever get liberated, then most Catholic priests will get liberated, too. And once they are, those priests will have no reason to remain enslaved to a religion which preaches that they’re evil, when they can just re-dedicate their lives to God and mankind through most other religions.
Under Cardinal George, the Roman Catholic Church is just a holy holdout for Klansmen wearing fancier robes, with more jewelry, and following the same superstitions.
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PatrickCHGOPDX at 10:40 AM December 23, 2011
The GLBT Communty is the least of the worries that the church needs to be worring about. Or at least stop thinking with a Mid Evil Century thinking.
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dlayman58 at 9:02 PM December 22, 2011
Interesting that it is Cardinal George who actually shares so many of the bigoted views of the Klan, yet he now tries to deflect attention from the child rape by Catholic clergy with this dishonest attack. Interesting that this Cardinal's hateful comparison and paranoia comes just when the Dutch Catholic Church has acknowledged that children in its care are twice as likely to be raped by clergy than they would be outside of these Catholic child-abuse mills. I think he forgets that it is not he who decides who may march in parades and what Americans may protest. I am disappointed, and wonder whether some medical issue has hampered this man's mental faculties. Whether his motivation is bigotry or inability to reason, he should apologize to gays whom he has slandered, and then he must resign in disgrace.

Placko - listen up! Remember Terry Cosgrove last November -rhetoric My Man.

Flannery -Nice set up.

Immediately after the Fox broadcast - Rich Miller of Capital Fax Blog who takes coin from Democratic Party lobbyists and operatives - largely - as well as PACs and offers news tid-bits - went flat out for the Democratic voices for Rep. Harris, Gov. Quinn and Terry Cosgrove. Rep. Sara Feigenholz mimed the meme "unfortunate" over the Cardinal's remarks

Well, Greg and Sara, Fortune Favors the Bold. we shall see.

Openly gay State Rep. Greg Harris (D-Chicago), whose district includes the Gay Pride parade route, criticized the Cardinal’s “unfortunate choice of words.” Harris predicted “it probably will provoke other unfortunate words ” from some gay activists.
State Rep. Sara Feigenholtz (D-Chicago) also weighed in on the statement, telling, "The Cardinal's unfortunate choice of words in comparing the LGBT community to the Klu Klux Klan is offensive. ... I would hope an apology be forthcoming."

Gay activists need the Catholic Church neutralized in order to move from Civil Unions to Homosexual Marraige.

Truth Wins Out is a 501 (c) 3 think tank located in Burlington, Vermont.

Truth Wins Out

337 College St Apt 12
Burlington, VT 05401

Here is its Board of Directors

Board of Directors
Dan Hall (Board Chair)
Retired Financial Advisor
West Palm Beach

Paul Schappaugh
IT Specialist
Atlanta, GA

Steve Wilkins
Shreveport, LA

Rev. Jerry Stephenson
Hospice Minister/Author
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Lisa Fels
Public Relations
Washington, DC

Gene Stone
New York, NY

Board of Advisors
Colette Seguin Beighley
LGBT Resource Center
Grand Valley State University
Grand Rapids, MI

Glenn Shadix
Birmingham, AL

Sean Strub
New York, NY

John H.K. Sweet
Retired Psychiatrist
St. Louis, MO

Henry van Ameringen
New York, NY

There is even a Gay Imperial Court -what's that about?

Members of the Imperial Court of New York: their Imperial Majesties Dowager Empress XX Gefil Tefish and Dowager Emperor XV Fantasia and Her Most Imperial and Sovereign Majesty Empress XXI B, the reigning Empress of New York. NY Gay Task Force Awards Dinner 2007 featuring philanthropist and adviser to Truth Wins Out Henry Van Amerigen (above)

A New York City philanthropist Henry Van Ameringen is an adviser and funder.

You can expect a post Christmas MSNBC line-up from Morning Joe to Rachel Maddow urging more signatures.

The KKK was powerful. They kept a Catholic out of the White House ( Al Smith for Dane Placko and Mike Flannery). The Gay Machine wants to keep bishops out of America.

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