Monday, December 19, 2011

Catholics Can Be Elected. We May Elect One Governor of Illinois Next Go Around

Friday is the day politicians enjoy as a news memory hole. TGIF! Friday was the day that Gov.Pat Quinn chose to meet with Cardinal George and nine other Illinois Bishops. He pretty much tossed the meet-up away until he shot his mouth off to the very talented Sun Times political reporter Abdon Pallasch. Quinn parsed the chat.

Everyday is Friday for too many Chicago columnists and editorial boards.

The Chicago Sun Times is now trolling for on-line subscriptions; therefore, a web-reader can only grab a snatch of what their out-front propagandists have to say. No way I'm popping out nickels to read with care and cut and paste for grist to mill.

The Chicago Sun Times has great reporters ( Natasha Korecki, Abdon Pallasch, Mark Konkol, Tim Novak, Chris Fusco, Fran Spielman, Maureen O'Donnell, Rick Morrisey) and a pretty good columnist in Mark Brown. The balance of ink-slingers is . . . pre-fabricated, or processed food for thought.

The editorial and commentary quality may improve in the coming months when more thoughtful and engaged investors give the substance a good look-see.

Neil Steinberg offers another in his phalanx of snotty columns aimed at the breeders and church-goers - Catholics. He wonders if Catholics can still be elected.

Steinberg's Lazy-Susan wit attempts to spin the bowls of anti-Catholic bigotry in to the Catholic Bishops of Illinois, when one might expect that anti-Catholic bigotry comes from another quarter. Clever, Lad! I read snatches of Steinberg, because the whack-a-mole Verison-funded tin-cup pop-up blocks the passages. Snatches were plenty for me; not clever.

The spiel is Steinberg defends Governor Pat Quinn, who attended thirteen years of Catholic schooling over the bishops who are charged with defending the Faith. Quinn is vassel to Terry Cosgrove a multi-purpose coalition Gay/Planned Parenthood Boss.
Quinn is also a governor whose Catholic education is at odds with his obligations to Personal PAC and Progressive Identity.

Click my post title for Catholic Teachings on Sexuality, Human Identity, and Marriage. You really need to do some Progressive parsing to ugly it up.

My Catholic Faith ( not for everyone and tough to live up to) is 2,000 years old and has withstood Goths,Moors and Vikings. It's greatest peril arose in the late Middle ages when comfort and riches politicized the faith and practices of Christians universal. Bishops and Popes and Kings and Emperors played politics and things went bad.

The pews got kind of empty, because religion and politics became toxic and sexual abuses of all sorts ( simony, usury, nepotism, & etc.) permeated the institutional Church. The Church reformed itself and people who no longer cared much for the smells and bells, rigors of authority and patriarchal pastoral priesthood took it on the heel and toe and became Lutherans, Baptists, Presbyterians, Methodists, and for the more secular appetites Unitarians. We still have Popes and bishops, but in America Kings and Emperors were shown the door. We have Presidents, Senators, Congressmen, Governors, Mayors and State Legislators, as well as judges. It gets complicated.

In the Middle Ages and into the Renaissance, bribery was up-front. Families could purchase the Papacy and even the odd nation-state. Some American families ( Kennedy, Rockefeller, Bush, Dodd, and Daley) can and do purchase power with the help of PACS. In order to make the political landscape more Rainbow-hued and Abortion friendly these Families and PACS purchased Pro-life Catholic politicians. Coalition building is not possible on Rock of Peter.

Gov. Pat Quinn has placed himself outside of Catholic teaching on Abortion and Homosexual Marriage. Were I, as a Catholic teacher, to offer my personal convictions that a teenage boy should occupy his hours in front of computer screen in his locked room gratifying himself in front of images of naked babes with - " It is your Civil Right to pursue your Happiness," I think that I might be called to task and account fro my exercise of conscious. Likewise, were I inclined to fulfill my goatish instincts . . .too disturbing to catalogue. Happiness is not

You see Happiness, from Aristotle through Santayana, has very little to do with carnal desire. In fact Dante, as orthodox a Catholic moralist as one may find in a layman, takes Thomistic (St. Thomas Aquinas) morality to poetic task in the Divine Comedy. I believe that Neil Steinberg has loudly and often touted his love of Dante.
Dante would toss Catholic politicians who take coin and votes to promote abortion and secular homosexual doctrines into the jaws of Satan - like Judas Iscariot, Brutus and Cassius. Allegorically speaking, of course.

Catholics can and should be elected to office. Here in Illinois we may begin to do so again.

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