Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kim Jong Il - An Irish of Asia Wake for Dear Leader

North Korean Mourner -Yer Man looks Deadly in his best togs, so.

Kim Jong-eun the Bereaved - Put a Santa hat on it and call it Randal

Only Days before, Poor Man - 'That's a grand set of breathers on you girls! Must all be Frogmen,so.'

Koreans - the Irish of Asia

They don’t like anyone who isn’t Korean, and they don’t like each other all that much, either. They’re hardheaded, hard-drinking, tough little bastards, “the Irish of Asia”.
PJ O'Rourke

On Monday, the state-run Korean Central News Agency called him the "Great Successor," and urged the people to rally around their next leader.

Kim Jong Un is expected to lean on members of his father's inner circle, including his aunt, Kim Jong Il's sister Kim Kyong Hui; her husband, Jang Song Thaek; and other Kim Jong Il confidants, experts said.

"Even though Kim Jong Un has been appointed as the successor, they may form a committee to rule the country at first," Yoon said. "His power succession is not completed yet."
New Zealand Hearld

Put a male Korean (more specifically a Busanite) and an Irish man in the same room and I bet it’d be hard to tell the difference between the two of them: They’ll both make a bee-line for the alcohol, swear their heads off, all the while talking in loud, obnoxious voices. Undoubtedbly each would be singing themselves silly before the night is over.
If things ever went wrong between the two, there’d probably be a very verbal (fist?) fight. Who would win? I don’t dare venture to answer that question. I’ve seen both the Korean (Busan) and Irish temper up front and in person and I’m telling you, when the wrong buttons are pushed both are scary in their own unique ways.
Anne Nominus

( Park Funeral Parlor ) One hour before the other mourners arrive. The bereaved members of the family have a quiet moment -

Kim Kyong-hui( sister of the Deceased) - He worked day and night for socialist construction and the happiness of people, for the union of country and modernisation. He left us so suddenly,

Chang Sung-taek ( her Husband) - That he did.

Kim Jong-eun ( The Son) Jong-eun - Investors were rattled by the news because they are not sure about what will happen in North Korea after his death, Auntie, some say you are a slave to the drink

Uncle Chang - 'Tis so

Auntie Kim - Listen here, ye scut! I'll have none of your Frenchy Swiss swagger on this day of days - My Brother was twice the man his Da was and I'll tell you me Bucko, that I am three times the set of knackers than he had dangling, so. You pull your plum and smile the while.

Uncle Chang - 'Tis true nonetheless.

Kim Jong-eun - Da said the place is mine from from bog to boreen!

Auntie Kim - Did he, so? And who told him to do so, just? You, Ye, moon-mugged little wanker, have a guess?

Uncle Chang - He did that, so, entirely.

Kim Jong-eun - I am the Four Star General, Auntie . . .There'll be wigs on the green . . .if . . .

Auntie Kim - Laudy daw and talk a lugh! You are a four-star little c#$% who will do as he's feckin' well told and none of your gas, Boyyo.

Kim Jong-eun - Me Da said, after the wake and all. that I'd run the bollocks off of all of ye and the Gypos & Pakis in the boot of me Hillman Hunter. Now, when may I begin?

Auntie Kim -Ask me arse and Unkie's bollocks; go and shite yourself blue; eff off and don't be annoying me . . . I've a throat on me . . . where's my #$%^ing Baby Power*

Kim Jong-eun - Auntie, I . . .

Uncle Chang - ( sotto voce) Now, dont be a caffler, ye young Gasur! She'l be off on a Gee-Eyed pisser that'd kill a pikey. Christ O'Mikey ,I could eat the lamb o' Jaysus through the rungs of a chair. The noon tucker ain't til after the Angelus,so, fer #$%^'s sake. Now, quiet so, or the Auld Hoor'll be up yer gicker quicker than any micker on the licker. The Cute Hoors is linin' up so. ( Commandingly but quiet) Last pull on the Power, Luv.

Auntie Kim - feck Off, Ye. Jasus, when's Tay? I could eat a baby's arse through the bars of a cot . . .I'd eat a farmer's arse through a blackthorn bush! A wafer and pint of Vitamin G'd be Deadly, 'bout now.

Uncle Chang -If I were mad, I would!

Enter the mourners - film at ten.
* miniature bottle of Powers Irish Whiskey (favoured size for ladies handbags

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